Are you looking for an advertising and marketing outlet?  We offer women in business an affordable way to promote their products, services, or events to over 75,000 professional women. Contact us at for pricing...
Website Display Advertising: 
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* The 640x250 is priced for one of two ads placed in our website rotator for 30 days (see link
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The BOSS Network website advertising rates are priced for a 30 day rotation.  The newsletter is based on our mailing list with a 16% national average open rate (see link)

E-Mail Blast
If you’re interested in an e-blast, please contact us to confirm date and to send the image and link. We have local reach to Chicago, Atlanta, New York, etc as well as a national list of over 75k. Contact us at or 312-772-6770.

In general, we accept ads that are relevant to the content of The BOSS Network, but we reserve the right to refuse any ad.

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