Guest Bloggers

Welcome the 2017 Quarter 3 "Guest Bloggers" for The BOSS Network. Each quarter we feature new writers that will provide content to support women in their career, entrepreneurial, professional or personal development. 

Check Out These Amazing Women BOSSES:

Dr. Toya Wilson, is a Mindfulness Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Intuitive Reader from Chicago, IL. She specializes in helping her clients be more effective at their work and enjoy their personal
lives by obtaining inner peace and clarity through learning to lead a mindful lifestyle. Her mantra is “You can change your life, one deep breath at a time”!

Learn more about Dr. Toya via her website at and follow her on Twitter @DrToyaK

Dr. Catrina Pulllum, is aiconsultant and management firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses, as well as providing arts and entertainment management services for our sports and entertainment based clientele. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most management and consulting projects, PMG is able to offer a more balanced quality of service to our clients.

Learn more about Dr. Trina via her website at, and follow her on Twitter @drpullum

Dr. Deborah Tillman,  is a Consultant, Speaker, Author, Founder of Happy Home
Child Learning Center, Inc., “America’s Supernanny” on Lifetime Television and
President of The Parenting Movement a non-profit organization that seeks to
rebuild and restore families worldwide. Labeled “A Force for Good” by The
Washington Post, Tillman has a deep passion for children. She began her career
over twenty-five years ago when she became frustrated with the lack of quality
childcare her son was receiving and as a result, quit her very lucrative accounting
job and started her own very successful preschool in 1994.
Learn more at about Dr. Tillman via her website at and follow her on Twitter @deborahltillman

Nicole Nixon, is a wife, mother of 5, and CEO of Listing Central LLC based in Washington, DC.  Nicole’s career began at Verizon Communications, and expanded to Time Warner Cable in a span of 10 years.  In July of 2010, Nicole founded Listing Central LLC, a data technology company that created a new pathway for data to flow across the United States.

Learn more about Nicole via her website and follow her on Twitter @ListingCentral

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