Monday, February 12, 2018

The Impact of #MeToo! By "BOSS Influencer" Tana Session

There is finally a shift happening in the paradigm of leadership across all industries. With the recent departures of powerful male leaders in film, television, radio, government and more, women are coming together and demanding long-overdue respect in the workplace. I have experienced my own #metoo scenarios over the years, and shrugged it off as flirting, “boys being boys”, no big deal or just plain gross! I, too, did not report it at the time for multiple reasons: fear of losing my job, not wanting to have a bad reputation, not wanting to be the topic of office gossip and not wanting to jeopardize my career growth.

Women are coming together like never before. For too long, women and people of color have feared mentoring, supporting, advocating and promoting others who looked like them in the workplace, mainly out of perceived fear of negatively impacting their own career trajectory. This mindset must change in order for true change to happen. There also needs to be more diversity in leadership to help mitigate the likelihood of harassment of any type in the workplace. Diversity in ethnicity, life experience, education, socio-economic background and gender will be required at the top levels of leadership to help reduce ongoing workplace harassment.

Men must realize workplace harassment can result in performance issues, absenteeism, change in behavior and low self-esteem of their female counterparts. Most women will not report harassment for multiple reasons of fear, much like my own listed above. However, the current climate is now supportive of women coming forward and sharing their stories and filing complaints against the male leaders who harassed them, regardless of how much time has passed since the incident occurred. They are no longer being judged or questioned about their intent for filing complaints. Human Resources departments are stepping up their efforts to address these complaints in a timelier manner, and acting quickly to address the behavior with the accused. Zero tolerance policies are finally being enforced with the dismissal of some of the highest-ranking male leaders of our time.

By not telling our stories and not reporting these incidents, we continue to give the harassment power over us. Tell a supervisor, Human Resources representative, your husband, brother, family member or closest ally. Women should no longer fear coming forward when they know they have been disrespected or harassed in the workplace. We already have to deal with this behavior when we walk in our neighborhoods, ride public transportation and go out with girlfriends to crowded bars or nightclubs. We should not have to deal with or accept this type behavior in our place of employment. We are just trying to make a decent living to take care of ourselves and or families, just like our male counterparts. Just imagine how these stories would end if the roles were reversed.

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Why Your Obsession for Information is Holding You Back! by Tamara Garrison-Thomas


Tamara Garrison-Thomas is a Beauty Boss & Online Start-Up Strategist specializing in helping women over 30 start, plan and execute their online business. If you need help getting focused, setting up your online business and developing an execution plan, subscribe to her site and find out more information on her one-on-one business setup tutorial sessions.
Do you have too many “free” or “paid” webinars collecting virtual dust in your inbox? Do you find yourself signing up for the next free webinar or buying the next great webinar hoping it will finally give you the answers you have been looking for?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re gaining knowledge but you’re still not sure how to exactly apply these concepts and tools to your business. You’re getting antsy and frustrated because your business idea is slipping away more and more as time fades away from you.
It’s time to conquer your obsession with information!  Setting up a business is hard enough. Don’t make it even harder on yourself by focusing on the wrong things. Here is why you should stop watching and start doing:
1.You’re not sure what you need- One of the reasons why you keep signing up for every webinar ad you see is because you’re not very clear on what you need to focus on. Come up with a plan of what needs to get done and focus on one action item at a time and give yourself deadlines. This will help you move along a lot faster.
2.You’re getting overloaded- Too much information can be too much! When you are getting information from different people with different opinions and sales pitches that can be very overwhelming. It’s best to stick to someone you like and follow their business philosophy.
3. You’re losing time that should be spent working on your business – Think about it…the more time you spend on signing up, watching and taking notes, the more time you are losing setting up, making calls, creating posts and focusing on your business. Stop losing this time. If you just NEED the training, delegate a day during the week that you will use to catch up on webinars. All the other days should be used for productive work!
Fancy named webinars and concepts are not going to get you closer to starting your business. But DOING something will. Make this your goal this week!

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The Business of Balancing, Begins Within! by Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin, PhD

Life, business and the entire balancing act can become strained when we stop paying attention to what matters. We pay attention to the details of soap operas, television dramas, the news, and even the foolishness that occurs in the communities around us. However, when we focus on what is happening in our own lives, we can see our way through and toward the breakthroughs we seek. When individuals pay closer attention to the happenings in their own lives, they open a new path to thinking, reflecting, and responding. As this happens we tune in to what we need to accomplish the most, what we worry about the most, and what we desire to attain and acquire the most.

All of these levels of attainment can bring about worrisome behavior. However,  its not uncommon to worry. But, what is bothersome is that few ever put their hand and heart to the plow to work out what needs to be hammered out to deal with the behavior and find balance. Why? Because it hurts, its painful, its detailed-oriented, it pushes us to deal with areas of personal and professional conflict that we would just rather not deal with at all!

As you grow in your understanding of self and your place in the grand scheme of life, consider the following tips to help you create balance:

1. Awareness – As much as we dislike seeing with open eyes, the only way we can truly know what effects us, why we are bothered by certain things, and how to overcome them, is to be aware of what makes us tick, as well as, fly off the handle. You must get control of your triggers related to your personal revealed and un-healed experiences.

2. Acceptance – One of the tools to put in your toolbox is that you must accept all of your past. You may not like it, but it is part of what makes you unique. It is also the quality that gives you the strength to heal and move forward in a positive and productive manner.

3. Accountable – I am by nature a control freak! I am learning to deal with my triggers by having people who will hold me accountable to doing too much. During the course of my healing and revealing experiences, I discovered the need to have people around me to whom I could be accountable. God has tamed the beast in me and has strategically placed people in my life who help me keep it in check. Who is helping you with your triggers?

4. Appreciation – A healthy appreciation, for who I am flaws and all, gives me the balance needed to see my situations from a realistic perspective. You must learn to appreciate yourself, feel worthy of love, and let some happy in your life. When you treat yourself well, you demand the same from others.

5. Ascend – All of the qualities you need to excel are within you. As you heal, which comes from the removal of drama and addressing your concerns about what you learn, then you will see clearly how to press on. Learning to press forward will cause you to rise to all occasions.

There are many things in life which will happen, that are beyond our control. And, having the requisite skill set and coping ability will help maintain a sense of reasonableness when dealing with the unforeseen. As we grow in our roles as moms, daughters, spouses, bosses...we must be open to avenues that can propel us rather than hinder us. We must be equally willing to give ourselves permission to grow into our true self. A self that will emerge when are able to balance. And, we also must be willing to make a change. Yet, we all know how some of us react to sudden and quick change! Be gentle with yourself. Be patient with yourself. Be good to yourself!

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