Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BOSS Member Spotlight: BLACKCARD Member Aliah Davis-McHenry

Aliah Davis-McHenry, President and Founder of Aliah Public Relations and Creator of the PR Diva Blog
Joining the BOSS Network has been such an incredibly positive and rewarding experience. As a new member, I have felt very welcomed and I feel very fortunate to be in a networking community of such determined, driven, and inspiring women of different backgrounds and professions. I attend many networking events and belong to several professional organizations, but the BOSS Network provides opportunities for growth beyond events by creating a community of women who are truly supportive of and encouraging to one another. I immediately became a BLACKCARD member, as I believe the BOSS Network fosters my professional and personal growth, provides essential support and meaningful connections, and enhances my social sphere by expanding my network.

As Founder and President of Aliah Public Relations, a trend setting and creative boutique public relations and events management firm, I strive to execute the most dynamic and results-driven campaigns and events using strategically designed publicity, brand management, marketing, and emerging social media. Through the BOSS Network, I have connected with other communications professionals as well as women interested in health and wellness, social media, and fashion. Not only am I making connections in my professional endeavors but in my personal interests as well!

I look forward to the New York Influencers Event and meeting other women that are changing the world and shaping the way society views women in business. I thank and admire Founder Cameka D. Smith for creating the BOSS Network and I look forward to its’ growth and continued success.

Aliah Davis-McHenry

President and Founder

Aliah Public Relations

Creator of the PR Diva Blog