Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check out BOSS Member Lesley Batson and FanatChicks

I am a lifelong sports fan and former athlete.  Although to many it seems strange that a woman can be passionate about sports, I know that I am not alone.  I wanted to marry my passion for sports and entrepreneurship so I created Fanatchicks - the words fanatics and chicks put together - and my goal is to become the #1 online community for female sports and fitness fans around the world.

On Fanatchicks.com we have a lot of fun.  We have commentary about sports, fitness and wellness from our contributors.  We are trying to build global network of female sports bloggers and share that content.  Chick Chat is another popular site feature where members can post and join in on discussion topics about anything from their favorite team, athlete, workout or healthy recipe.  We have fun contests and events.  Fanatchicks TV will  launch soon and that's where members will see interviews with some of their favorite athletes and celebrities.  We are launching 'The Locker Room' our official newsletter to keep our members up to date on all the fun and latest announcements.

I'm looking forward to building relationships on BOSS and leveraging them to make Fanatchicks a tremendous success!  

I invite you to join our Fanatchicks family:

The Locker Room newsletter: http://fanatchicks.com/newsletter-sign-up

On Twitter:  http://twitter.com/fanatchicks or my personal twitter is @ChiefChickLes