Monday, June 20, 2011

The "WHY" Factor

Posted by BOSS member 
CEO & Founder of Soul Revision 

In all that you do, never forget what I call the "WHY" factor..."WHY" do you do what you do?

For those that really know me, you know that my career is in the Social Services field. What you may not know is that there is a very high burnout rate for this field of work. This work runs high in emotions and stress, and it has depleted me, on numerous occasions, of any and all energy that I have had. There have been times where I couldn't remember how I made it to and from work, how I managed to even get up and if I had fallen asleep or not. As soon as someone asks me about the work I do and I share with them that I work with individuals who are HIV+, their immediate response is, "that's gotta be hard, how do you do it?" Yes, it is hard work; I've stood bedside by clients as they have taken their last breath leaving behind kids that may not understand why their mom/dad died or wont be with them any longer, I have watched the poor treatment they've received because of the virus, I've gotten the phone call of the newly diagnosed women askin if/how she will get through this.. I want to cry for all of them, but there's no tears left because I'm all cried out.... so yes, this is hard work and quite frankly, sometimes this feels like a hopeless fight..

BUT, this is where the "WHY" factor comes into play. I sit back and ask myself  "why do you do what you do?"

I'm sure your jobs are just as hard, if not harder... the struggle to finish that degree might be the fight of your life.. raising your children might be the most difficult obstacle you face, getting your own business started may seem like pulling teeth... but, through your various struggles, ask yourself "why do I do what I do?"
The fact of the matter is, when you fully understand WHY you do what you do, nothing and no one can deter you from your purpose! No matter how hard times get, no matter how tired you are or how bad people treat you.. if you know your "WHY" factor, you'll press forward at all costs. Your "WHY" factor is your end result, it is what pushes you to make it through that 12hr shift (or that graveyard shift), it gives you the strength you need to change another diaper, to deal with the difficult client, to close that last deal, to study for that exam, to keep on living after you've lost a loved one and to do what they say cant be done!

The next time you feel as though you've gone as far as you can go, consider WHY you've come this far already and then continue on.

Do you know what your "WHY" factor is? Why do YOU do what you do everyday? What is your driving force?

This is just something I wanted to share with you in hopes that it will encourage you to continue on pursuing your dreams and reaching all of your goals in life!