Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starting a Jewelry Line With Basketball Wives LA, Malaysia Pargo

Every now and then we like to bring the best in conversations from Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals who are making a difference, starting a new venture, or who simply have an amazing story to share on The BOSSNetwork Twitter Channel; #BOSSChat.

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Mom, Wife, Fashion Executive, Business Owner, Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace of Basketball Wives LA, who is launching her first Jewerly line titled Three Beats @Three_Beats

The Jewelry line is set to launch 11.11.2011 and you can learn more at .  We decided to bring you an excerpt of the interview for your reading enjoyment. Until next time, know that you have the power and ability to achieve your heart’s desire.

The BOSS Network: Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace Walk us through your career path. How did you get to this point? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :I did some modeling, videos and styled athletes and wives. I’ve always been big on accessorizing.

The BOSS Network: Jewelry for kids is a great idea. What is the best advice (career/personal) you've received about this business? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :The best advice I received is to have a great team. Your team will either boost your success or cause you to fail. Successful women have a BOSS squad behind them. I love it! A #BOSSSquad or team is necessary for success when building your empire. No man or woman is a one person Island. Build your team ladies and hold everyone accountable. #BOSSChat

The BOSS Network: Great point. I don't think enough women realize the importance of a strong team! What do you do to stay on top of your game professionally? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :My hubby is a professional athlete and watching him taught me the importance of being competitive. I work hard because I know that’s what it takes to win. Knowing how to compete and maintaining balance is important #BOSSChat

The BOSS Network: What advice would you give to a budding Entrepreneur or Professional woman? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :My brand manager Halleemah Nash (@halleemah) told me once that "without balance success is an empty reward". Success is great but family is number one. I also believe in speaking positivity. Take "Can't" out of your vocabulary. My perspective is; if life is a prison; I always say its a prison of your own making! Don't limit yourself! #BOSSChat

The BOSS Network: What does being a BOSS mean to you? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :BOSS means knowing you can have it all. I'm walking in Gods purpose. I’m a mom, wife, business woman, and I’m fly all at the same time.

The BOSS Network: Final question and I must say it's been a pleasure. What can everyone look forward to in the near future from you? #BOSSChat

Malaysia Pargo @styleingrace :A lot more with my jewelry line Three Beats(@Three_Beats) launching tomorrow 11.11.2011, and maybe some style editing or my return to modeling. No limits #BOSSChat

Learn more about Malaysia Pargo new venture follow them on Twitter: @Three_Beats

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 Ways to Build Your Entrepreneur Support Network

Tina C. Wells
Everyone needs a network of people they can count on, in both in their personal lives, and in business. For entrepreneurs especially, these support networks can make the difference between feeling like you’re out there on your own, to being deeply connected to other entrepreneurs and having a team of friends, advisers or partners to turn to when you’re not sure which direction to go. 
Here are seven tips for building the ultimate network to support your entrepreneurial goals.

CREATE A SMALL GROUP OF FIVE LIKE-MINDED ENTREPRENEURS. You may have already heard of these “mastermind” groups. But what do you call a group for those who haven’t yet mastered something? Call it whatever you like, but build one — quickly. Make sure that the four other people you engage don’t have competing businesses, and think of ways you can help each other. I know of groups that meet monthly and each member has to come to the meeting with at least one lead for another member of the group. Also, be mindful of time. You’re all very busy entrepreneurs, so don’t schedule more than 60 to 90 minutes once each month.

JOIN SOCIAL CLUBS. It’s important to build your personal network, and joining social clubs is a great way. Not only will you be exposed to great events, you’ll also meet potential clients, employees, and friends. Check out clubs like the Union League for “Young Friends” memberships, as well as the Young Friends clubs at your local museums, orchestra, and ballet.

JOIN ASSOCIATIONS. If you’re a female entrepreneur, look into local chapters of the National Association of Women Business Owners. If you are starting a plumbing company, check out the local chapter of a national plumbers association. You’d be surprised how many fields have associations. You can receive great product discounts, invitations to great conferences, and a network of peers. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so cultivating a group of peers is important. And of course, there is the newly formed Young Entrepreneur Council (I’m a board member!).

Read more tips from Tina C. Wells at:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Money No Business by BOSS Member Aundrea Y. Wilcox

If you are thinking of starting a business with no money, THINK again. Why would you do something so stupid?! It’s like going to a bar without your wallet or purse. You can’t buy. When you go into business without money, you can’t serve—not well anyway. If you want your customer’s first experience with you to be pleasant, you’re going to have to spend some money, whether for packaging, a well-done and presentable menu, bagging and labeling, or a professional-looking invoice or receipt as a minimum.

And why is it that you don’t have any money anyway? If and when you decide to go into business, it’s going to take real discipline to stay within your budget and spend according to a plan. You will also need to continue (not start) to save money for a rainy day. If you’re not saving any money now, how can you expect to start a business and do any better? Don’t start a business thinking that you’re going to solve your money woes in a hurry. Trust me, if you have no money now, cash flow will only get worse. There are so many “unexpected” expenses associated with starting a business. Marketing can be especially problematic, if you don’t have a budget and a plan. You’ll start spending money on this or that to promote your business, but you will quickly find out that sales revenue will not follow so soon. The upfront investment required for integrated marketing, if it’s done correctly, can be thousands of dollars to get the smallest home-based startup on its feet.

If you have no money of your own to properly start a business, you have no business being in business, or attempting to borrow money to start a business. Get your finances in order BEFORE you start a business. Start today, by obtaining your free credit report and credit score from If you can’t afford to pay the small fee for your credit score, you have a long road ahead of you, so put on your comfortable shoes and let’s take this walk together one step at a time.

A Day in Her Life: Platinum Selling Singer Brandi D. Williams

Brandi D. Williams
What she does: Platinum-selling singer, songwriter, and actress.  Don’t let what you see on TV and the movies fool you: Life in the limelight is not easy, nor is it for the weak. As one-third of the platinum-selling ‘90s girl group Blaque, the beautiful Brandi D. Williams knows firsthand what it takes to become a star and the responsibility that comes with finding fame. Get a glimpse into her life as she navigates her way through the thrilling yet demanding entertainment industry.

Her day begins…  “I get up, (and) get on the phone first thing in the morning and run down my schedule.”  If she’s at home in Atlanta, she says her day starts with a grueling workout with her trainer, which helps her stay in shape and maintain stamina during performances.

Soon she is whisked away for a long day filled with a series of interviews and events promoting her new single “Love It” off her upcoming solo album set for release early next year.
“The sound of the album, what we are trying to go for is a more international feel because my group Blaque was really pop and we were pretty much accepted all over. So I wanted to keep the fan base we already had and just expand from there.”

In between a long day filled with radio interviews, performances, appearances and networking, the strict vegetarian squeezes in a quick meal and a trip to the studio, where she is putting the finishing touches on her debut album- all of which fans can see on her self-titled, forthcoming reality TV show.
In the midst of re-establishing her music and film career, the multifaceted chanteuse takes time from the whirlwind and works on her foundation, Robin’s Baby, an organization geared toward empowering young girls.

“I have a bunch of sisters and I’m the oldest and it’s something I would love me and my sisters to do to give back to young girls.  It’s really about self-esteem and building up young women.”

Her journey:
Growing up in Detroit, Michigan around musical family members Smokey Robinson, Claudette Robinson, Pebbles, and Bobby Rogers of the legendary R&B group The Miracles, Williams was undeniably destined for a career in music.  By age 16, she was already touring with mega groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC, and N’Sync as a lead vocalist of Blaque, discovered by the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Williams soon brought her talent to the big screen with a lead role in the cheerleading cult favorite "Bring It On" in 2000.  Since then she has written and worked with artists on numerous tracks. With a decade of experience behind her, she is now poised and ready for the next chapter in her career. 

Her advice to you:
“I always tell people, please don’t do it if you don’t do love it because you have to have the love for it because it’s hard. It can be really glamorous at times but it’s a lot of hard work to get to that spotlight that you want…it can be grueling. And just stay grounded because this industry can suck you up and spit you out and you won’t even know what happened to you.”

Best part of my job: “You walk up to a person and all they want is your autograph, it’s just so special to be able to do that. It’s a blessing to get up every day and do what you love to do.” 

To find out more about Brandi D. Williams, please visit her website: Find her on Twitter: @TheBrandiD.

Featured Writer: Lenora Houseworth is a published writer, editor, and social media strategist. She can be reached at Find her on Twitter: @LHouseTweets. 

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