Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make A Decision By Kara Davis, M.D.

The decision to join The BOSS Network was an easy one.  But my motivation for joining is probably not typical.  Yes, I wanted to connect with other women who are leaders in their fields.  Yes, I was impressed with the networking opportunity afforded by this particular social media.  And yes, I considered the possibility that I might be a source of inspiration to other, particularly younger, women.  But all of those things were just icing on the cake.

So, let me tell you about the cake, or the real reason why I joined.  It is my passion, indeed my calling, to compel, motivate and encourage African-American women to live in such a way that we realize optimal health.  Right now, lifestyle related illnesses are impacting us on all fronts:  they drain our energy, shorten our life spans, reduce our productivity, diminish our quality of life and sap us financially—especially those who have no health insurance.

My book, Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss: A 50-Day Renewal of Body, Mind and Spirit addresses the problem of obesity and lifestyle-related disease from a biblical perspective.  You’re invited to join me during the 50 days of Pentecost, April 8 – May 27, when each day we will complete the daily reading and journal with the expectation of being renewed and refreshed—body, mind and spirit.  Get your copy from Amazon.com or from my website, then join me on The BOSSNetwork, my website (www.drkaradavis.com), facebook (www.facebook.com/drkaradavis) and Twitter (@DrKaraDavis) for words of encouragement and to share your personal experience.

Kara Davis, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Christian Community Health Center, Chicago, IL