Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stay Connected By Melissa Kimble


My last year of college was extremely difficult. Although my future seemed bright - full time student, president of two several organizations at one time, intern, and part-time employment were all setting me up for bigger things - I was extremely depressed. The overwhelming feeling of responsibility and duty, managing broken friendships and relationships, and facing an uncertain future clouded my mind for the majority of the year. I was lost and I withdrew from everyone - family, friends, sorority sisters, group members, classmates, associates. I wanted to be alone.
Up until this point, I had always been self sufficient. I grew up in a single parent household and learned from a very early age how to depend on myself. When you need to make your own after school snack or change your own clothes, that's fine. But what about when you get older? When you hit a financial set back? When you need help to start your own business? When you've ended up a bad relationship and it's spreading to other areas of your life?
I've learned that no matter what you're going through, retreating into isolation only hurts you. Yes it's important to spend time alone and learn to love yourself but balance is necessary. No great feat is achieved alone. You may not have an official team, but take advantage of the people around who mean well for you and want to help you succeed. Observe, listen, take head, and always show your gratitude.
Experience is the greatest teacher but it's easier if you can learn from someone else first. One of the most powerful tools in our network is not always what we can bring to the table. Let's learn our lessons together, share our stories and shortcomings, embrace what works and even what doesn't work, so that we can overcome, grow, build, and thrive. Together. 

Melissa Kimble is an Engagement Strategist and the owner of The 3178 Agency and My Creative Connection. Follow her on Twitter @Melissa_Kimble and learn more about her work at www.the3178agency.com.

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