Sunday, November 2, 2014

One Key By Andrea Mosley


 I've been doing a lot of networking the past five months and it’s been really fun. I’ve met interesting people and the quality of their character has been quite refreshing at times. It’s always a joy to meet people who are determined to live beyond the norm and who genuinely have a passion for helping others in one way or another.

One of the common traits that I've found in some of these really awesome people is that they are not completely sold on their passion and how prosperous it could be for them and others. They have ideas, hopes, and a good ol’ job. Their jobs bring them good money and benefits (sense of security). But they are mentally stressed out, the job keeps them away from their families, and their jobs don’t speak much to what they have a passion for. When I ask them what their next step is in fulfilling their passion, they can’t tell me because they don’t really have a plan. An idea will be just that if you never put a plan of action together.

I want to be clear by saying it’s a blessing to have a good job. Don’t quit your job, please. God blesses with us with good jobs for many different reasons—one of them being a resource to provide our needs. The other reasons speak to God’s wisdom in preparing you for the plan He’s already laid out for you. But you need to be plugged in so you aren't just wandering in the cycle of merely existing. With that being said, we are to be integral on our jobs and perform them with excellence, which is our reasonable service. God said when we manage the few things He gives us well, then He will give us more. Remember He is ultimately our provider.

I mentioned God’s plan because His plan is the only sure plan to true success. He said man has many plans but His plan is sure. Success is defined according to each individual, but largely it’s simply completing the tasks God gives us in the plan He’s laid out for us. Passions are very important and are one of the keys in identifying exactly what your purpose is in life. Give attention to your passions. Don’t disrespect them by treating them as side hustles or mere dreams that may never come true. They are part of your ministry and we all have one.

First thing you have to do in order to be successful is to pray and ask God to reveal to you who you are and what your purpose is. He won’t give everything all at one time, but He’ll give you enough to get started. As He responds to you because He will, write it down. Writing your plan down will give you a visual and helps provide confidence when life gets shaky. Set long-term and short-term goals to fulfill the plan, and be reasonable. Remember If God said it He’s gonna do it. You don’t need to be super because He is super. All He needs from you is your obedience. No need for you to be anxious about anything.
The goals help you to be accountable to the plan and they’re also a measuring rod for open doors that may be good but not necessarily God. Some open doors are simply dressed up distractions.

Surround yourself with like-minded people—not the talkers but the doers. Some people that you call friends may start to act shady and say you've changed, but that’s okay. It’s true. You've made a decision you seriously want what God wants and the more you align yourself with what God is saying, your circle will seemingly get smaller. But remember this: you never lose friends, just people disguised as friends.

Remember that God hasn't given you the spirit of fear. He’ll never leave you and He’ll complete every work He’s began in you and with you. It’s also important to understand you can’t do everything by yourself. You need a team but let God do the casting. No such thing as it’s just me and God.

Know that Rome wasn't built in a day. Hook-ups are really let downs and time wasters. Money isn't an issue unless you make it one. Your passion should never come before honoring God, as you can’t work your way onto God’s “good side.”

Lastly, be open. Do what you are able in preparation, but let God do things His way. Proper preparation speaks to the integrity of your character, and is a necessary witness and a shield against the enemy’s devices. But don’t be surprised if God wants to part the sea for you.

References: Jer 29:11, Prov 19:21, Hab 2:2, Deut 31:8, Phil 1:6, James 2:18, 1 Sam 16:7, Prov 13:20, 2 Cor 6:17, 1 Cor 15:33, Matt 7:22

– Be Free, Stay Free

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