Friday, December 4, 2015

Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone By: Priscilla Williams

As a women’s life and purpose coach, I have seen firsthand one of the most damaging things you
can do in life. That devastating thing is staying in your comfort zone. I have seen so many women get comfortable in their career, business, relationships, and life in general. This can really be harmful to your growth and your stability. I have been a victim of complacency myself, and had to push past my own comfort zone. This can really be a scary thing, to step outside of the box and live the life you were created to live. I want to share with you 4 reasons you should push past your comfort zone and live out loud.

1. Feel the fear and do it anyway. This is really important, because if you are not afraid then your goals are not big enough. Everyone is afraid to move forward into something bold and powerful, but the strategy is not letting fear stop you no matter what. Feel the fear and do it afraid.

2.You will inspire others. Do you know that when you give yourself permission to play big in the world you give others permission to do the same? I know when I see others making bold moves, it inspires me to step my game up and show bigger in the world.

3.You will have no regrets. You never want to be in place where you wish you could have done some things different because of fear. If you don’t step up and step out, then you limit your chances of reaching your ultimate goal. Don’t wish you would have, when you can.

4, You will live in your truth. Pushing past your fears will help you walk in your true authentic life. The life you really want for yourself. You know you want to make more money, have better relationships, and experience the fullest of the creator. Knowing this is your truth, you have to own it and walk in it no matter what. Letting fear hold you back will make you live beneath who you really are. It’s your time to be YOU!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you wanted to try something new but shied away? Next time you feel like that do it anyway. You deserve to live life to the fullest, and find lasting success and happiness. Pushing past your comfort zone helps you find fulfillment, excitement in meaning in your life. I know firsthand what taking a risk will do for you. I never want to live my life with any regrets, because I was scared to step up. Know that you are worth every risk and every great thing you desire. If you want to see your goals fulfilled, be willing to let go of anything holding you back including your fears.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Key to a Successful Holiday Season Going Mobile By Connie Certusi

With free two-day delivery and endless options literally at our fingertips, the holiday shopping season takes on a new meaning. The internet has drastically changed the way we approach the holidays.Increasingly, consumers are turning to mobile devices to do on-the-go holiday shopping, buying gifts when and where it’s most convenient for them. For small business owners, this means you should prepare your website for the busy rush of holiday shoppers.

According to IBM’s annual benchmark report, mobile traffic and sales surged across the e-retail board last year, with 45 percent of all online traffic coming from smartphones and tablets. Retail sales on mobile devices also jumped 27.2 percent year-over-year in 2014.  As m-commerce continues to grow, small business owners have an opportunity to grow their business and increase their customer base. To get your website ready for mobile customers shopping online,

Follow these six tips:

1. Research, research, research – To better understand how your customers use their mobile devices, conduct research to find out their device preferences and browsing habits. What time of day do they typically visit your site? How much time do they spend there? Learning these things will help you better understand what your customers are looking for when they visit your website and how best to prepare the content and layout to ensure the best customer experience.

2. Optimize for mobile users – Take advantage of the growth in mobile phone usage in retail and optimize your website for these customers. People are more likely to return to a site if it’s mobile-friendly. A few simple improvements can result in significant benefits.First, make sure your website is responsive and device-agnostic, with the ability to automatically adjust to different screen sizes and mobile browsers. Second, a mobile website must load pages quickly and reliably to make the checkout process smoother and give customers more confidence in your site.Third, have addresses and other information auto-populate and use geolocation to auto-fill city, state, and zip code fields. Finally, make sure images are clear and easy-to-read.

3. Keep it simple – While convenient, navigating a website on a small touchscreen can be cumbersome, even frustrating at times. To make your site mobile-friendly, keep the design simple, using easy-to-read fonts and placing the most important information at the top of the page. Avoid having too many buttons or buttons too close together by using smart button placement.

4. Consider a third party – Running a web site isn’t a small task and can become a point of worry and stress for some small businesses. Consider bringing on a third-party service provider to help you with website optimization. That way you’re fully prepared for the busy holiday season.

5. Don’t forget to test – Once your research is done and your site improvements are complete, test your site from every device and with different browsers to make sure everything is working. Test to make sure the site is fast and responsive. Ensure the site is easy-to-use by testing the buttons and forms. It’s always better to over-prepare and prevent problems than to lose customers or potential revenue because of a technological malfunction.

6. Think beyond the holidays – It may require some upfront time and investment, but building and maintaining a mobile-friendly website will not only set up your business for a successful holiday season, but also for success the rest of the year. Build long-term shopper relationships by keeping the user experience a priority.

Don’t miss out on the holiday shopping frenzy by having a website that’s not conducive to mobile shoppers. Follow these simple and impactful tips to make your customers feel more comfortable transacting on your website from their mobile device.

Article written by Connie Certusi, executive vice president of Sage Business Solutions at Sage North America

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Monday, November 30, 2015

"Why Am I Not losing weight?" By Caprice O'Bryant

Lots of times I come across this problem it is because you are not eating healthy. You are eating healthier! Huge difference. I am going to break down 5 different reasons that could be causing your weight loss plateau!

1. Are you really eating  healthy?
There are so many products that have low fat, low sugar and low calories on the label but they are still packaging it with plenty of preservatives and ingredients that are actually harmful to our bodies. When an item has super low calories or super low fat it is because they are increasing the amount of sodium or sugar or msg it has in it to make up for the taste! Furthermore, there is nothing lean about "lean cuisine." These meals are full of sodium and have very little nutritional value.  Are you still eating the maple & brown sugar oats? Oats are an excellent source of carbohydrates and is a great breakfast to get you going and energized. But if you are loading your oatmeal with spoonfuls of sugar and honey you are just defeating the purpose! When grocery shopping try staying away from the center isles as much you can. The outer part of the store if what you need to fuel your body and shed some pounds: fresh veggies, fruit, meats, nuts and seeds! Re-think your nutrition!

2. Are you getting enough sleep?
Alright you've been working out for 3 weeks and haven't lost a pound. So how many hours of rest do you get? Sleep or the lack thereof can really affect your weight. There are micro tears in your muscles when you workout, so if you don't get enough rest you aren't allowing your body the chance for your muscles to grow. The more muscle we have the more fat we are able to burn! We also tend make poor decisions when we are sleep deprived. Get 7-8 hours every night.

3. You are too stressed out!
Exercise is a stressor on body already. So you need a healthy balance of exercise related stress on your body and recovery time so your body can lose the excess fat. When your personal or professional life is causing you too much stress your body may produce excess cortisol: stress hormone.This worsens the insulin response and promotes fat storage. Stress can also cause over-eating, low energy, and poor performance.

4. You're doing too much cardio!
90 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical everyday is not the answer to your weight problem!
Too much steady cardio will actually cause weight gain because you are burning through muscle not fat. It suppresses the hormones needed to burn fat and increases cortisol which like mentioned before promotes fat storage! When you stay above 75% of your maximum heart rate for long periods of time, you’re burning glycogen. Your body will crave sugar even more to replenish the lost stores, so you are really just burning the carbs you ate not fat. 

5. You aren't working hard enough!
 First of all, you have 80lbs to lose and you've only been consistently exercising for a month. Calm down! You did not gain 80lbs in a month. How many days a week are you actually working out? Why does your cheat meal on Friday turn into a cheat weekend? Binge eating sets you back. Be honest with yourself. Are you really putting in the work? Who is keeping you accountable? You have to want it for yourself and it will only get done by yourself. But also, be proud of yourself along the way! We are human, we will slip up. Just refocus! You need to love your body every step of the way on your fitness journey but keep striving to reach your goal and be the HEALTHIEST version of you! 


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