Thursday, May 19, 2016

The battle of the mediums By: Kristen Pope

We’re in the battle of the mediums, and depending on which day you ask, determines who’s winning.

TV vs. Digital

HBO vs. Netflix

Broadcast News vs. Blogs

…and on and on.

More and more we hear why TV is a dying breed and everything we watch, will soon be online.That’s true. There will need to be an online presence for just about everything that happens on TV, or in our modern world, or…it’s like it didn’t happen. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, about 2.6 million households are now “broadband only,” meaning they don’t subscribe to cable or pick up a broadcast signal as of December 2014.

BUT don’t send your televisions to the electronics graveyard just yet. The tube isn’t going away.It’s evolving. It’s become Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and many more virtual ways to live stream and watch video on demand. Still, as much as TV has it’s eulogy read, people are still fighting for a space in the line up. New shows are still debuting and new experimental channels are popping up. Plus video on demand is virtually the new way to watch TV.

No doubt, the competition is ON! HBO recently announced it’s HBO GO service to rival Netflix and Hulu. HBO GO gives their subscribers unlimited access to the channel anywhere and at anytime.Then, there’s my personal favorite. Broadcast News and Digital Media. Your CNN’s versus The Young Turks. Traditional news outlets versus non-traditional. I do both, and I LOVE it! I’m a reporter for a traditional news station and I host my own digital show. Our second season is being distributed by Focus Broadcasting Network, a Netflix competitor. Why do I do both? Because I love telling stories in a news format and I love the access and creative freedom you have with the online platforms.Traditional journalism isn’t going away. It’s just evolving. In the form of online content, with much more diverse storytellers. Broadcast news is still one of the key mediums that shapes people’s thoughts and perceptions of the world. Which is why is has to be handled with integrity.News reporting helps keep my story telling skills fresh. It also provides an already established platform. Broadcast news provides tools that I will continue to use on my own show.I take all of those the lessons and tools with me to the digital space and execute my vision. They help each other. It’s liberating to create your own rules on the internet. To think outside the box,and to come up with your own structure. It doesn’t mean we do away with traditional media, at least not right away. It means that we tweak it for where we’re headed.I enjoy tweaking, and staying open to both the traditional and non-traditional means of media and news delivery. What media rules are you tweaking?

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The Power of Being You! By: Shamieka Dean

I used to think the key to being successful was having tons of knowledge, having a lot of money, or being a part of the right network.I spent countless years researching, following, trying to put into practice what EVERYONE else who had already made it was doing.I kept hitting a brick wall. While I am certainly not against investing in yourself, learning from the best of the best and my circle matching my destiny, I was still missing the key component.This is the key that so many have completely bypassed. We bypass it because we don’t see the real value in it. We don’t understand the power of this key ingredient. We’ve often diminished it because in this world, it can sometimes be rejected. We don’t understand that this is what makes the greatest, the greatest. Sometimes, I call it the #2 key to being successful!

You’re probably wondering, what is #1. I’m glad your inquiring mind wants to know. I don’t mind sharing with you my #1 key to success because it has truly changed my business and my life! I used to actually hide #1 from the public eye. But when I made #1 my #1, my business began to sky rocket! #1 is to make God not just the CEO of your business but the CEO of your life! Who better to be able to tell me all of the right things to do that the one who gave me life and created me for the purpose I’m pursuing! He knows EXACTLY the path I need for success for the thing H created me to do. Go figure!

I mean He did say “Acknowledge me in ALL your ways and I will direct your path.” That made it an easy decision for me because I didn’t have to figure out all of this stuff on my own. He just gave it to me when I asked.

Now that you know #1 key to being successful. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.To be successful at anything else is mastering being successful at being yourself! You’ll never be successful at anything until you’re successful at being you.God can only bless who you are, not who you pretend to be. You can’t expect for people to accept you for who you are when you don’t know who you are.Even in a relationship the first thing we say is I want someone to love me for who I am but how is that possible when they’ve fallen for a fabricated you. How is that possible when you don’t truly love you? How is that possible when you aren’t sure who you are? There are many people that will inspire you and empower you but you should never want to be anyone other than YOU!

You are a trendsetter!

Trendsetters create and transform! They con’t copy and conform! Prince was one of the greatest trendsetters of all time. He reached high levels of success because he broke out of the box people thought he should be in. He created success on his own terms. He did what most were afraid to do and he became a legend in his own right.This is the true essence of reaching unlimited success in any area of your life! This is The Power of being YOU!

People ONLY duplicate things of value and authenticity. If you’re called to impact the lives of others, you’ve ineffective unless you’re offering them you. Your true value is in your authenticity.The person you believed you could be before the world told you that you couldn’t, go back and get her. Love Her! Be Her! BE YOU!

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How important is it for business owners to stay healthy? By: Tammy Lewis

 I'm going to have to say that I think that it is extremely important. I'll give it a BIG FAT 10!  As a nurse, I feel that people who are healthier are more effective.  You can't run a business, if you are out sick. How is that being productive?  It's not! Have you ever heard the expression &"Time is Money"Well guess what?  Time is not money. Time is time. But time is the one thing that you can never get back. So, why not live the best life that you can I can honestly say that being in business for myself, especially in the healthcare arena, has taught me a lot.There were times when I had to drag myself out of bed, because I was tired. I wasn't getting enough rest. I was up all hours of the night, while at the same time practicing poor eating habits. Over a years time, I had gained 30 lbs. Not only did this cause some unwanted health issues, but in weighed in very heavily on my self-esteem. I began to withdraw from activities, because I was always tired.  And I just didn't feel like doing anything! One day, I just made of my mind that I was going to be healthy. I took that necessary steps need to get back on track and it is still a work in progress. I am not only healthier, but I am happier.

Here are some things that you can do promote a healthier you:

 Have regular annual check-ups

 Get a good night's sleep

 Start a regular exercise regime

 Make healthy food choices

 Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

These are simple tips that can help you look and feel better.  Start small to prevent burnout which may cause you to fall back into the same routines and old habits. Find an accountability partner to assist in holding you accountable. With an accountability partner you are less likely to quit. Also, track your progress. Once you see that you are making progress you will be motivated to continue on your journey. A healthier you is a more confident you.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 Tips for Successfully Guiding Your Child Through High School By: Aria Craig


Transitioning from middle to high school is a tremendous step for kids. For starters, they are no longer the big kids on campus and there is no more handling holding. This is where the real evolution begins. They are given team-building projects; needing to juggle heavy workloads, homework and possibly jobs; and expected to make mature decisions. At this stage, they are learning to become adults.When my son graduated from eighth grade two years ago we had conversations about how high school would basically develop certain levels of maturity and train him for the real world. But, it will be so exciting that it will be the most memorable school years of his adolescent life. These are some tips of wisdom to share with your child from one stage to the next:

Tip One: Having discussions with your child early is a great strategy towards success, especially what

Tip Two: Every grade they’ve earned up to eighth grade was to prepare them for high school. Now’s

Tip Three: Establish key relationships early. Teachers and coaches have no problem with writing

Tip Four: Mid-way through school, kids are talking about finding jobs. When my son was in that in-

Tip Five: While processing these stages, be cognizant of your child’s strengths. Some children don’t to expect in their third year. In my opinion, junior year is the most significant level of school from kindergarten to senior year. They take the two national college entrance exams – ACT and/or SAT, research which colleges they want to attend and craft scholarship essays. Limit distractions during this stage. They are one step away from being adults. The time to be aware of missing assignments, projects, and exam grades. If your child is no doing well one quarter, then he or she has to compensate the next quarter to ensure the highest possible semester grade, which counts towards his or her GPA. Even if struggling in a class, the faculty expects students to be proactive. I told my son it’s easier to maintain a high grade then work to bring it up.recommendations (colleges or employment) for students they admire. Even the company your child keeps demonstrates the direction they will go and the personal brand they are creating for themselves. Between phase, I took him to volunteer and his dad paid him to work with him over the summer. These experiences look good on any application. know what interests to explore when they graduate. Simple awareness strategies can help them guide their decisions - whether it’s college, learning a trade or certification, taking classes to build their entrepreneur skills or going off to the reserves.

In August, my son will be a junior. While we plan to have fun this summer, the library will be part on the agenda to get him prepared. I’m quite sure his senior year will be a blast!

Aria Craig - Empowerment & Leadership Strategist