Thursday, June 1, 2017

Take Care of Yourself With These 10 Easy Tips by Tanya Barnett

Self-Care is so important when you are building your business. It is so easy to become consumed by meetings and late nights that you barely eat and suffer lack the proper amount of sleep. 

These 10 tips are crucial not only for your physical body but for your business to thrive. 

1.Your body is to be loved. Love on your big lips, freckled face, the curve of your back, the dimples in your thighs and the color of your skin. Once you can effectively love all of you, you can love other people too.

2.No more comparing yourself. Look, I know I will never be a size 2. I had to be okay with this. My neighbor is super skinny yet she has high blood pressure and cholesterol from not taking care of her body.

3. Get counseling. I shared this is a previous post. I'm sharing it again because it is that important. Stop dragging your feet. Call your insurance company to get an EAP authorization number for your free appointments.

4. Eat right! Add more green stuff to your diet. Choose Mrs. Dash Salt-Free seasonings instead of the other stuff. Drink water. I purchased a water bottle with a fruit infuser.

5. Move your body. Listen #BOSSLADY, YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE SOMETHING! It really is that simple. I have a FitBit and I use the Nike+ app on my phone. When I can’t get outside or to the gym, I get my steps done in the house. I watched a 2-hour documentary the other day and by the time I was done, I walked 7 miles. I was sweaty and happy. Head outside and walk your neighborhood. Just bundle up. You can do this if you want to.

6. Purge your underwear drawer. You know you have undergarment in there that have seen their last days. If they are stretched out, have the rubber strings poking out of them or are just ugly, throw them away. Get cute lace undies; they even have cotton ones.  Bras that are missing underwire or the straps no longer offer support, need to go in the trash immediately. 

7. Purge your sleepwear drawer. No more big tee-shirts and sweat pants. Purchase a few cute nightgowns that are sexy yet sassy. I have cute ones that are sassy but decent enough to wear in front of your children.

8. Invest in smell good products. Ladies, I know if I smell good, it makes me feel good. I love natural products from black owned business Naturally Me & You. I love Rita and her scents. She even made a scent for my Kiss & Play Box.

9. Paint your nails and toes or get a manicure. Summer is right around the corner. I love the colors from black businesses Pear Nova and EA Polish.

10. Add brighter tint to your lips and/or eyes. I love lip color but I'm highly allergic. I use colors from black-owned businesses such as The Lip Bar, Just Lovely Lipstick, and TAJJ Cosmetics. My eyeshadow is from TAJJ and MOVE Makeup. I love their colors since they are all natural. I also invested in Move Makeup concealer and foundation. I love how it stays all day long and looks natural.

Empire building is hard work and can wear us down if we are not careful. Take time to take nurture your mind, body, and soul. Schedule it if you have to. When you feel good, you can conquer your goals with confidence. 

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