Tuesday, July 11, 2017

See Your Path, Hear Your Destiny, and Speak the Vision by Dr. Catrina Pullum


We are a little over half into 2017. What have you accomplished thus far? You still have
five months left to make your vision a reality. Take a moment and think about the word, Vision. Within the bible, there are over 100 verses relating to vision alone. We normally cast our vision at the beginning of a year as New Year’s Resolutions. According to history.com, 75% of people manage to keep these resolutions for one week, 71% for two weeks, and by 26 weeks, only 46% of people are still maintaining those lofty goals.

To start building your vision, you must see your path. Your path is connected to your
purpose. To know your purpose you have to know yourself, and know what drives you to action every day. You must have a clear understanding of who you are and whose you are, and what parts of your purpose drives you to get up in the morning. Once we have established these things firmly in your mind, we want to take the vision, the images that we have seen for our lives, along with the message of the call of our destiny, and record them in a format to remind us what they are.

As we search for items to place on the vision board, we need to listen for the call on our
lives. Get magazines, newspaper ads, any sources of words and pictures you are comfortable cutting up, and as you begin to leaf through them, listen to your heart, listen for that still, small voice, listen for what calls to you. You might see affirmative words like “hope”, “love”, “beautiful”, “strength”, “joy”, “business”, or “family”. These words might speak to the chains you have recently broken in your life, or resonate along a chain still waiting to be broken. Search for and find the things which call to you, and speak to your destiny, to your calling.

Finally, you must give birth to the vision. Record it all on the vision board, all that you have seen and heard for your life. Once it is complete, stand in front of a mirror with your vision
board and explain the board to yourself, out loud. Speaking your vision out loud has two
purposes. First, is to sow the message of what you want to accomplish into the universe. 
Second, to show that there is clarity in your final creation for yourself. By voicing it aloud, you are able to show that the vision you saw was clear and plain. If it is not understandable to you, or everything you want is not represented there, work on it some more. If it delivers the message you desire, you then know that the message will resonate with you every time you see it, and that if you want to explain your vision to someone else, you should be able to state it clearly to them.

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