Tuesday, March 20, 2018

5 Ways to Determine If He’s Really Into You by Matchmaking Duo

As the winter is coming to a close and Spring is near, new things are ready to bloom. As Certified Life/Relationship Coaches and Professional Matchmakers we see new love blossom regularly and many have asked how do I know if he’s really into me? So we decided to share the top 5 things we’ve seen occur consistently from him that indicates he’s excited and open to moving into something more serious. The interesting thing is, even for married women, these are good ways to gauge whether he’s still engaged or falling off a bit and if so, it’s time to spice things up and show him why you were “the one” in the first place, and still are! It’s never too late.

1) He makes it a priority to call as well as text- We know life gets busy for all of us. So just know when he calls this tells us he wants to hear your voice, your thoughts, your tone, etc. He’s making time for you in his day and wants to foster the relationship.

2) He mentions things he loves about you that make you unique- Whether it’s your warm, nurturing and bubbly personality, the ability to have an intellectual conversation then flip it to kick back and watch the game, or your cooking that brings him to his knees, he has found that special combination in you and he lets you know he’s loving it and can’t get enough.

3) You can be transparent and guess what? He’s still there! - How many times have we all shown up on the first few dates with the best representative of ourselves? But as time goes on, you begin to share some of the things you’ve been faced with in life and instead of running for the hills he listens with a compassionate ear. Oh yes, he’s into you and considering how this can really work.

4) He’s showing his sensitive side – Oh yes ladies, men are sensitive too and they will share what’s bothering them with someone. When he starts sharing personal things about himself that make him vulnerable and you’ve handled it delicately, he sees that he can trust you with more. When you’ve formed an emotional bond with him, he has found that safe place with you and that’s something that can potentially last forever.

5) He shows an interest in things you’re into – Whether it’s the agency where you volunteer every 2nd Saturday or the children you mentor, he knows these things are important to you and asks how he can support you. This doesn’t mean he will drop everything he was doing before you two met, but if he’s really into you, he will adopt the things that are closest to the core of who you are.

As Bosses ourselves, we still know there’s nothing better than love. Know that we’re always rooting for you!  Here's to Love!

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