Friday, April 20, 2018

Get Out of Your Own Way! By "BOSS Influencer" Tammy P. Moore

Have you ever been so determined to do something one minute and then talked yourself out of it the next? For example, I want to lose weight and get healthy…why bother obesity runs in my family? If your answer is yes, you my friend are your own stumbling block and it’s time to get out of your own way!  
Just do it!
Yes, Nike coined this phrase, but it doesn’t just apply to shoes and sports.  What vision has God given you that you’ve been sitting on and afraid to take the next steps because you’re afraid of failure?  I’ve heard many people say what would you do If you knew you would not fail? Well, Do it anyway. If you fail, you will learn something from it and be better for it! Go get your blessing!
Know your gifts!
I’m reading T. D. Jakes book Soar and in it he mentions your God given gifts have been there since birth! Think about what you liked to do as a child and that will tell you a lot about what you were born to do as an adult.  If you pursue your passions, you will find your purpose!
Tap into your Resources!
Many of us miss out because we don’t tap into the resources available to us.  Look at your inner circle, friends or associations. Everyone should have something to contribute.  If not, you’re in the wrong circle. Iron Sharpens Iron! Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help from an expert too!
Change your mindset from Can’t do to Can do!
If you want to go to the next level (become debt free, start a business, get fit or healthy or become a homeowner). You will need to change some things! It takes 21 days to change and old habit, don’t give up so easy, keep pushing until you reach your goals! Yes, you can do it, just put your mind to it!

Tammy Moore is Division President at Diamond Residential Mortgage, A motivational speaker and Credit and Financial Coach.  In her spare time, she is the Budget Conscious Fashionista, where she teaches Style $ense: How style your outfits on a budget without breaking the bank!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

7 Social Media Mistakes Hurting Your Personal Brand by Aaja Corinne Magee

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The age of social media has made groundbreaking impact on our society and totally revolutionized the way that we do things. What was first a casual way to connect with peers has become a revolutionary tool in personal branding and business. Now, our social media profiles can be strategically leveraged to grow our brands as well as to create foundational connections between clients and colleagues.

We all are brands, whether we realize it or not, so image and reputation management online is essential to influencing the perceptions that are used to define us. The big question: Is social media working for you or against you? Below are 7 things to avoid with your social media use:

1. Lack of quality imagery

Because we are visual beings, we subconsciously form judgments and make assumptions almost immediately upon coming into contact with someone – it’s just human nature! Invest in quality graphic design, leverage low-cost design options like Fiverr and Canva, or simply take photographs in natural lighting to achieve a polished look.

2. Spelling errors and grammatically incorrect wording

Take pride in your presentation by proofreading carefully. If writing is not one of your strengths, hiring a writer and/or editor to effectively communicate your brand message will prove to be a worthy investment.

3. Too much "salesy" content

Profiles should not be used to fulfill the purposes of a website through aggressive sales pitches. The proper use of social media is to generate brand awareness and lead traffic to your company’s website for interested parties to take further action. Businesses can maximize their social influence by sharing their story in unique ways and creating value for their audience.

4. Lack of original content

Social media has made it extremely easy for the masses to publish content and sometimes it can be a fight through the fog to separate the real from the fake. When it comes to your personal brand, original content is a great way to establish credibility and trust among your audience as well as position you as an authority in your field of interest.

5. Too many "selfies" in relation to overall value of content shared

Find a balance between self-promotion and content that your audience will find valuable. If you are posting a picture of yourself, consider captioning it with an informative or inspirational message.

6. Outdated profiles

A very important element to branding oneself is being relevant. Outdated profiles send a signal to your audience that you may be out of touch or not worth keeping up with.

7. No consistency across social platforms

With branding, consistency is key. Make it easy for others to find you and recognize you by being consistent with social media handles, profile images as well as the overall tone of content shared across platforms.

If a prospect visited your profiles today, would they find content that is the best representation of you and/or your business? If not, it's time to shape it up!

Aaja Corinne Magee is a Chicago-based, Branding Strategist & Speaker, specializing in helping leaders and experts to maximize their impact through personal brand development. For more savvy advice and resources, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sign up for her newsletter at

Twitter: @AajaCorinne

5 Branding Superstar Tips that Will Take You to The Top by Pam Perry

Some call it the “it” factor. Some call it being “A-lister” or Celebrity Status. Truth is…you have to know it in your heart before you can be it. Will Smith said, “In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood Superstar, Y'all just didn’t know yet."

See, it starts in the mind. It’s an attitude.

The 5 Practical Things Every Superstar Must Do

1. Learn how to strike a pose…and do it often. Smile. By browsing Instagram models, you’ll see poses that will inspire you. Also, read fashion blogs.

2. Have the “Look.” Do you have the look. Hair, skin, teeth, size…clothes. Shoes. You don’t have to have a big budget to look like a BIG brand. If you don’t know how – browse pinterest! Get great ideas from there. Look at the boards: fashion, style, glamour. Or pick up a few fashion magazines like Vogue or InStyle. And go Shopping! Hey, check out “rent the runway” – rent your favs and send them back. Especially evening gowns. Who wants to wear that twice?

3. Have great graphics. Make sure your multimedia is on point. Make sure your social media matches your brand, your covers…email addresses too. Start where you with what you have…but Do a brand check. Need a quick graphic done? Go to Love them. It’s the best DIY tool out there and will make you look like a real graphic designer. Just don’t over do it – keep it simple. Not busy. When something is too busy, too many fonts – it ruins the image. Looks unprofessional. Try Fiverr too.

4. Have the tools: Podium cover, proper business cards, Step and Repeat, banners or table signs….nothing raggedy! The details are what distinguishes someone as average to someone who is a “superstar.” Even notecards should be custom. I love to see the “personal touches” on a brand. Even have your own custom water bottle is cool and clever. Ink pens with your slogan on them and website. My favorite tool is my mic flag. It is cool when I want to do a “pop up” interview. You can even have post it notes and make sure you carry a sign with you… even if it’s just for a table. It will distinguish you from the pack.

5. Communicate and message your “superstar” activities…either via newsletter, email, blog or social media. Make that part of your lifestyle. Don’t be crazy about it. But show your personality. Show the likable you – be real and authentic. Don’t brag – who likes that. Just show “YOU” doing you. If you have pets, show pictures of your pet. If you love sunsets, show sunsets. But don’t show boring pictures of “what you ate for lunch.” Really? Who cares? Now, if you just became vegan – that’s ok. Write about that. Think about what you see your favorite celebs posting. Don’t think they’re being random. It’s all very strategic messaging. So, you also should think strategically about your social media or emails you send. It matters – you never know who’s watching and how it will influence whether to connect with you for business or not!

Learn more about Pam Perry at Twitter: @pamperry

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Take the Step! By "BOSS Influencer" Kimberly Jones

Have you ever felt that you have the potential to accomplish more with your life? Do you ever get the sense that you haven’t completed all you were destined for? Do you desire to become more successful? If you do, we have something in common. For a long time, I felt this exact way and struggled with making a decision.  Would I make the right decisions, would I be successful, what if my decision was a mistake, all these questions weighed down my thought process. When I was deciding on whether or not to become an entrepreneur, fear of the unknown created doubts. I questioned whether or not I could really accomplish my destiny and become successful. It appeared that all the odds were stacked against me and I truly thought there was no way I could transform my situation into one that worked for me. Ultimately, I realized I was afraid.  Fear can be your own worst enemy. At first, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea what to do, where to begin, or how I was going to accomplish my destiny. As a woman of faith, I overcame my enemy of fear through prayer and I took the first step.

Successful entrepreneurs hold many roles and I knew becoming one would be difficult. I asked God for direction and to help me face the adversity that lay ahead. I knew that the road I was going to travel was going to be long and full of detours.  I knew I would make some wrong turns and that was fine. Eventually I would end up on the right road. Although my journey would be long, exhausting, and treacherous, I remained focused and continued on. I knew this journey would ultimately lead to a beautiful destination of entrepreneurship.

Below are five simple steps that can assist you on beginning your own journey:

  • Overcome any obstacles or fears that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

  • Believe that you can accomplish your goals. It’s never too late to begin. Crawl before you walk and take baby steps.

  • Achieve your goals by creating a business plan.

  • Build a reputation for yourself that creates expertise and trust.

  • Build your team. Surround yourself with like-minded people that will motivate you to be successful.

  • Execute the plan. Be aware of your attitude. Remain positive and never let excuses distract you.

Remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.  A man by the name of Adam Toren stated, “With great risk often comes great reward. There are failures, setbacks and even complete start-over’s along the way, but if you don’t risk something, you’ll never
gain anything. Take a chance and see what rewards might result from that

courageous decision.” Go ahead and slay your enemy, begin your own journey.  I promise the destination is worth it.

To find out more about Kimberly Jones, visit her at:
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