Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Power of Spiritual Power in Entrepreneurship and Leading Your Own Life by "BOSS Influencer" Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin

There are always going to be challenges in life, obstacles to overcome, or naysayers to move out of our way. One of the best ways to move past your mountain is to stand on God's word and tell that hindrance to move! The power in your words as you take ownership of what you are facing, will empower and embolden each one of us to rise.
We each are unique and wonderfully made.
God has designed our lives so that we can be, are to be, meant to be healthy, happy, and whole. But of course, things happen and today we face what seem to be insurmountable odds. Tolerance is low. Acceptance is fleeting. Patience is fading. But for the grace of God, many of us can say 'there go I'. It is through prayer and prayers that have been prayed for us, and over us that we can walk boldly into our tomorrow.
As we approach our adversity and adversaries, let God reveal to you more and more how He is ready to take you to the next level of trust. Yes! You trusting God and God trusting you.
Today you may be struggling, but just know that whatever you are facing you can overcome. It is the power of your spiritual power that shows itself when we are not working in our own strength; when we believe that we are stronger from having endured our last challenge, and that we are greater when we stand with God in the midst of, in spite of, and because of what we go through each and every day.
  1. Our spiritual power is expanded when we pray.
  2. Our spiritual power will do its most effective work when we allow it to change us first, then allow it to have its way in the lives of others with whom we interact.
  3. Our spiritual power is exacting when appropriately channeled and challenged.
We each can attest that prayer has the ability to change people from the inside out. And, when that change is complete ... things around us start to change. It happens because we are no longer blinded by our own misconceived ideas, and the preconceived ideas and ideals of others.
Aren't you tired of others benefiting from your blindness? I sure have been and continue to be!
God shows us how to see with His sight. He opens our eyes, our heart, our mind, our understanding and our senses so that the spiritual power within us is operating to its full capacity and without blockage. As we are open to all that God birthed us to be equipped with spiritually, we forge ahead to discover our worth and embrace our God-given creativity and power. The power of spiritual power reveals to us how to sustain ourselves with the abilities in which He has endowed us; to provide a life for yourself and your family. It equally no longer renders us defenseless against forces, wickedness, and trickery that are outside the protection and provision of God.
When we each become aware, acknowledge, accept, appreciate, and anticipate that the power of our spiritual power is a chain breaker, as well as a foundation sustainer, then and only then do we create the peace we aim to attain. The power of our spiritual power is meant to be a mainstay of our existence. Through life experience we are able to tell ourselves that it is okay to toot our own horn, to shout victories from the rooftops, to pat ourselves on the back, and live a peaceful existence even when there may be a lack of peace in our world. However, our personal peace, doesn’t give us a pass to rest when so many people are unable to tap into their own spiritual power due to oppressive rules and regulations and impoverished environments. It is the work we do in the community, the businesses we start, the innovation we create, and the paving of the way for others that keeps us forging forward. Our spiritual power reminds us that it will not always be like we see it in this moment. Time is filled with many moving parts and our spiritual power has the power to shape how we perceive those encounters. A key dynamic is harnessing the power through perception and pace.
As you go along in life, in business, in your relationships please note a word of caution and warning to also keep a proper pace! Don’t run ahead of God. Keep communication with God through prayer that He may guide your steps. It is through our relationship with God that we are able to right our own mistakes, to govern our actions, redirect others who encroach on the lane in which God has given us to operate, and to live according to the plans He has marked out for us individually, and corporately. It is what you learn as you go in your daily dealings, that prepares us to live our lives to the fullest. In order to fulfill the plans God has, it is important we comply with the notion we can never lead others where we ourselves are not prepared, equipped, or are unwilling to go. Our journey to what’s next starts with activating our spiritual power and all its subtle nuances.

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