Monday, November 12, 2018

Ordered Steps; Timing is KEY by Felicia Shakespeare

As one holding the ultimate responsibility of how our brand is perceived, we must be strategic when identifying branding opportunities. No matter what our status is in life, we must take care when preserving our personal brand.

Celebrities are a great example to use in this case. Some actresses or actors, singers, and performers achieve a high level of success, then sometimes suddenly make one fatal mistake that changes everything. Some have allowed managers, mentors, family or spouses to take them so far off their brand that they lose touch with reality; and with it, their audience and market who loved them for their original brand. With this change came a loss of opportunities in viable movie roles or performance venues dried up, and with it, their finances.

In all reality, every idea presented to you may not be the best in the greater scheme of your scope of endeavors. When we originally decided that a plan is wonderful, this may not exactly continue to be the case once the process of planning gets underway. I am specifically referring to creative ideas that you may want to implement and possible business opportunities that may also be presented to you. The “order” in which one approaches their projects, no matter how great or small, has to be strongly considered. Doing the right thing at the wrong time can be as equally detrimental as doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. In other words, being in sync with timing, opportunity, and preparedness, in order to be successful, will only come through proper planning and implementation.

Clearly, I am not implying that you should be so “rigid” or “cookie cutter” that you aren’t willing to let the creative juices flow and maintain that inner risk-taker mentality in order to take on a certain level of risk. I encourage you to set out to do things in the order that will maximize the opportunities that have come your way. You can’t prevent getting stuck in the sand sometimes, but by all means, having a plan means you won’t stay there for long. Time management is essential. Be calculated and intentional on how you choose to divvy out your time in every area of your life. This is many times the “maker” or the “breaker” of key opportunities.

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