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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs of Today through Business Funding and Tax Preparation Assistance by Aminah Knowles

Over the past years, women have been creating their spotlight in different industries. They are now being recognized – may it be in the crafts of arts, business or any other profession. After the years of stigmatizing their capabilities, it doesn’t stop them from excelling on their own chosen path. Thus, in the present era, we are now seeing
successful and independent women taking over their respective crowns and thrones.

Business industries are no exception in empowering their potentials as entrepreneurs. A lot of them are now successful CEOs, businesswomen. Some big names in this industry are Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, J.K Rowling, and many others.

Now you, who is also dreaming of your own business, building up your company and creating a big name in the business industry. You’re on the right path! Today is the time for you to start up your entrepreneurial career!

However, first, let’s walk slowly and talk about some valuable information and notes that you should have.

Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

The EIP has proposed the following conceptual definition of entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs are those persons (business owners) who seek to generate value, through the creation or expansion of economic activity, by identifying and exploiting new products, processes or markets.

It’s like cooking wherein you need ingredients. For you to become a successful entrepreneur, you need the main condiments in building your own business. The kind of business that you are going to start should be your number one priority. You are going to thoroughly plan the objectives and then prepare the blueprint of the company that you have in mind. A clear set of goals must also be included so you will envision where your business is going, and even the layout of possible expenses and future expansions.

Capital or the source of your money should be your next priority. In this part, knowing what’s available to you as your source of funding will help you to understand your goals and expenses. In this matter, having a well-established plan for business funding is all you need.

Business funding will be your primary investment to accomplish these main goals:

• Looking for workforce, staffs

• Covering payrolls and extra labors

• Buying new equipment for utilization

• Setting a facility for a well-conducive business place

Aside from business funding, you will also need a good tax preparation company.

Tax preparation is the process of preparing for income tax returns. A tax preparer is a person who does all the works of arranging the necessary legal documentation.

As a professional in this line of business, your dream of having a company is just a step away!

Start your own business and be on the same level as these great women who dared to across the fast-growing business world.

Now is the time to let out your creative ideas in a kind of business that, who knows, maybe five years from now, will become one of the most excellent companies in your chosen industry.

Learn more about Amina:  Twitter:@pawfundingsoln

It’s A Time to Heal through Forgiveness Now by Jena Bell

In my book, Mirror Affirmations, I spend time talking about the mind and how it ultimately serves as the navigational tool for our lives. It is the control center for our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I like to look at it as the GPS of the navigational system of life. See the soul provides the roadmap that we should follow, the guidelines and sets the topography of the landscape. The landscape is influenced by the source that is downloaded from our spiritual beliefs and soul rendering. The soul then supplies the language that the heart speaks. But the mind then controls the actions and even the interpretation of the language that the heart speaks. So when we do not control our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, we find our actions out of alignment with our soul’s purpose.

To truly become that woman in the mirror who is standing strong in her purpose, we must begin to heal our emotional wounds which impact our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. That healing begins with forgiveness.

Defining Forgiveness

If you look at a formal definition of forgiveness, you will see something like this:

Stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

To forgive means you now have given yourself permission to accept the situation as it happened and to move on with your life. While you may not like the situation, you really have no choice but to accept that it happened. No matter what happens from this point forward, whatever happened in the past is a done deal. There is no way to “undo” it. The betrayal can’t be undone. The act can’t be undone, and the words can’t be taken back.

This is not to say that the pain from the situation is not real. It is very real and very painful. This is not to say that you agree with what happened or that you are letting them “get away with it.” Extending forgiveness does not mean that you are weak. It’s exactly the opposite. I love this quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Because it says forgiveness is not about them, it is about you. It is about allowing yourself the freedom to live your life without bitterness. Forgiveness allows you to stop the cycle of abuse.

When you forgive, you give yourself permission to heal. You get off the emotional roller-coaster and allow yourself to move forward.

We don't always know what God has in store for us or see beyond the circumstances. So, when negative situations happen, that's when our faith comes in and we have to trust God. As one of my favorite scriptures says:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 (KJV)

Allowing yourself to heal through the act of forgiveness is giving yourself permission to navigate life purposefully with intention so others experience your greatness freely. Put it in action now, by affirming “I forgive….now. I surrender to my new beginning.”

Jena L Bell, Author, Mirror Affirmations, International Speaker and Founder, Purpose on the Rise and Pathways to Abundance. I can be reached at Twitter @jenalbell

Monday, April 8, 2019

Non-Profit Board Formation – By the Numbers by Dr. Catrina Pullum

Initially, in forming the board of an NPO, the "CEO" model of leadership (Conger, 2001) is useful, where the Board Chair and CEO is one person. Later, the two leadership roles could be split. To start, you need an odd number of board members, a minimum of three, I suggest five. Your bylaws should allow for the addition of board members as the NPO grows.

The first board member is the CEO/chairman, also known as the foundation’s founder. This person’s role is the vision caster. It is their passion for the issue that led to the founding of the NPO. This role will be to help craft the mission statement of the organization and to ensure the board stays on mission. It is also a part of this role to attract board members that have the same passion and who can contribute constructively to the organization. They will work with other board members to locate grant funders and attract donors to the organization.

The second member of the board is a local community council member. This person will serve as a community liaison. It is important to have someone familiar with the target community in order to gain acceptance and participation. This person will also be beneficial in dealing with local customs, zoning laws, 
and networking with other community leaders. Additionally, they will be able to provide insight into getting into the community’s mindset, arranging a venue or location for the NPO, recruiting youth, and navigating local ordinances.

The third member of the board is a subject matter expert. This board member would be invaluable in recruiting, forming programs, and helping the board set a direction for the organization in this area. He or she would also be helpful in gaining support for the program, both financial and goodwill. Such a person would understand how to communicate the impact the NPO wants to have in the community to beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The fourth member of the board is a non-profit management specialist. This person will provide operational expertise to the board. He or she will be able to give insight into corporate finance, tax issues, and volunteer recruitment. Budgetary planning would also be under his or her purview, along with that of the chairman.

The fifth member of the board should bring some additional expertise to the table for the NPO. Business skills, fundraising, project management, community engagement, etc.

An example of how the board would interact would be within the committees. The committees will be made up of at least two board members and possibly an employee or a volunteer who has expertise in the committee’s focus area. The NPO will have a number of committees that will be used to help the board govern effectively and efficiently. This is essential because it is in committees that board members have their most influence (Conger, et al, 2001). 

Learn more about Dr. Catrina via her website at (personal) & or  (business) and follow her on Twitter @drpullum (personal) and @pullcorpmedia & @centerofempower(business)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Loss + Grieving = Healing by Syreeta Talbert


On August 29, 2017, while celebrating with family my father’s 75th birthday, my son, unbeknownst to him, was being lured into a remote area in the farthest suburb of Chicago and shot to death. He wasn’t in a gang, he didn’t know his victims. He was simply targeted, set up and killed. He was 3 months shy of graduating with his BA in Audio Engineering and Recording. Unfortunately, I wasn’t new to this type of traumatic loss. 20 years earlier, I lost a brother, the same way. Talk about losses of great magnitude.

I knew immediately that I needed to get into grief counseling before I lost my mind and sense of being. I questioned myself constantly, as to why I wasn’t grieving the way I was “accustomed” to seeing those on television grieve. Once I started grief counseling I learned everyone grieves differently; some quietly, some become despondent, many don’t even know how, so for me, I wanted to learn how to grieve healthy.

In my grieving and healing process, I’ve learned I grieve out loud, I am very transparent with my feeling. I like to remind others that though I am grieving and healing from a traumatic loss, death is not the only trigger of grief. Grief can occur after any kind of loss — the loss of a job, foreclosure, a divorce, a relationship or even from bad decisions.

As a woman, we, unfortunately, make everyone in our lives a priority and have a tendency to suppress our feelings. This causes people to label us “strong”, and we have unconsciously learned to “just get over it”. We do not take the time and allow ourselves to grief whatever unfortunate “situation” we may have experienced. I urge you to start including some non-negotiables in your life, one being, allowing yourself to recover from a life “loss”, by truly feeling the pain, anger, and sadness inside you.

There are many different forms of mental illness that most of us don’t feel like we identify with. However, at some point in our lives due to a “loss”, we may have experienced a bout of depression, anxiety, change in personal habits and/or social withdrawal and we suffer silently. Unknowingly, if you don’t allow yourself to grieve, it will have some negative repercussions in how we handle other aspects of our lives.

If you really want to thrive in your job, your business, with your family and in your life, take time for you. I encourage you to make an appointment to talk with a counselor, and doing so doesn’t mean it is a sign of weakness. Its a part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you need to do to stay healthy: mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Until next time, stay blessed and healthy healing.

Learn more about Syreeta at Twitter: itsrhee360

Quitting for the Sake of Winning by Alexie Young

Soon I will be known as the woman who put Chicago’s Westside arts and culture scene on the map in a new way. While using this opportunity to affirm what is becoming of my art career, I’d like to share my artrepreneurial journey.

After I gave birth to my son in 2010, party time quickly came to an end. While I had much time on my hands, I hadn't figured out how to relieve stress. My love for art influences me to paint. I simply went to the art store and bought supplies. I had no clue what I was doing but it felt right. I shared the paintings with my boss, and she was ready to purchase. Not before long, so were others. I never thought about selling art but it was bringing in some extra cash.

I continued to work in the educational field and youth development. That is where I learned the art of facilitating and creating workshops. Over time, I learned to use the fusion of art and workshop facilitation to step into the sip and paint industry. While it was my side hustle, it brought in some steady money that was at least a weeks pay.

After having clients all over the city, I decided that I was ready for a storefront. Girl, I was not! However, I saw the MLK Exhibit Center and was fixated on how I could take ownership of a space that I wanted others to see and enjoy. Meanwhile, I kept working but was implementing phase two of my business. I began offering workshops to organizations and bigtime clients using art for team building workshops. It rendered more money in two hours than I made from my job in two weeks. Whoa!

Eventually, I decided that it was a good idea to quit my job and go after a position that doesn’t exist. I first had to evaluate what my job description would be, what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and who would support this effort. Through my network, I found a funding source that would pay my salary for a director position. I was then able to make more money than I’ve ever made from work thus far.

The moment, I knew it was time to quit my youth development job was the moment my proposal to become the director of the exhibit was approved. The comfort that I once prayed for was no longer for me. Imagine leaving a job with benefits, freedom, work-life balance, a great team, and it’s only a few minutes from home. Quitting for the sake of winning has now allowed me to impact the arts and culture scene in my community but the next chapter involves the entire Westside of Chicago. I’m unsure of what kinda money I could potentially bring in but I am almost certain that this level of fulfillment is priceless. 

Learn more about Alexie  Twitter @invizioncolorzinc

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BOSS Spotlight Feature: Dawn Kelly

Dawn Kelly is a courageous entrepreneur. Trusted, seasoned and proven public relations and strategic communications adviser with a track record of developing and implementing large-scale innovative, integrated communications plans to build brand awareness for businesses. Well versed in leveraging multiple channel approach, including research, digital and social media, traditional print and broadcast communications to define, favorably position, and communicate the value of thought leadership, brand, services, and solutions. Great manager of people, team leader, and relationship builder.

What were some obstacles that you faced in the beginning process of starting your business or career?
I have enjoyed a lengthy career as a senior public relations and communications executive and now I am an entrepreneur running two operating businesses; Metropolis Group US/Global Connect and The Nourish Spot Inc.  I am presently partnering with two friends/colleagues on a third business that will provide back-office administrative assistance to busy professionals and entrepreneurs.  The obstacle, in my opinion, was the same; fear.  Once I fought fear with faith, nothing seemed impossible with patience, hard work and determination. 

What inspired you to break into your particular industry?
What inspired me to break into public relations and marketing was first realizing that my dream to become an attorney was not to be realized and I had to satisfy my desire to purpose all of my talents, aspirations, and capabilities into a role that would allow me to help others and positively impact the world. So instead of practicing in the court of public law, I ended up practicing in the court of public opinion as a public relations and marketing executive. 

How do you balance your personal and professional life or have you been able to find a balance?
I don’t look for balance anymore. I seek fulfillment and just spend my time accordingly. 

What is an inspirational quote that you live by?
Lift as you climb. 

Who were some influential people or mentors that helped or encouraged you along the way?
Terrie Williams and Ofield Dukes 

What are your "must-haves" to keep your career or business going strong?
Rest & Relaxation

What is your definition of a BOSS?
Living a fulfilled life on your own terms. 

Provide us with two words that describe you? 
PR Maven

Learn more about Dawn at 
Twitter: @prmaven17

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property by Felicia Shakespeare

One topic that should be on our radar as it relates to online posts and digital content in general (information shared by you anywhere) is once this information is put out, it's out! Point blank, if you're sharing it, don't get upset or uncomfortable when others come along and "run" with the information you've released to the universe unless you’ve taken the necessary measures to protect your ideas. We must realize, once released, information is no longer private or just yours if not legally protected. When you put information out, you have now given the green light for people to use that information to share it, repost it, act on it, etc. etc. etc. I do not accept plagiarism and piracy because NO ONE should take anyone’s ideas with the sole intent to do something non-integral or as an excuse not to think. One should also always “cite the source” of non-original content in posts or other platforms when used.

I am the type of person that is always coming up with ideas and concepts. I'm also very open to collaboration with others, always. However, I’ve grown to know in this area when to halt and protect what I know is mine. I’ve had to remain cognizant and clear of the fact that once released, it then is subject to the use of others.

I can recall a conversation with one of my first clients when I started my marketing consulting firm. This client was at the time just brought in to oversee the congregation as a new and the first female African American pastor in a very well known mainstream religious organization. My role was as a hired marketing consultant for her church. One particular time that we met, we had a few moments to have a little “girl talk time,” discussing current events and our perspectives on them. I will never forget that midway in the conversation as I was sharing, she got up and literally vocalized "I need to get a pen and paper because I want to use that." That was the moment I realized that I was dropping some real gems and that reaction also informed me of something else. I must be mindful of what to share (especially if I want to use it later).

So before you share on social media or website content decide, am I willing for this to be used? Is this something that I can benefit from for my own business later on?  My first suggestion to you is to listen to your instincts. I immediately started thinking about what I would choose to share next in this conversation and future conversations. One of my favorite quotes is “think before you speak!” When you speak it, there’s no turning back! We all have to learn how to better master the art of knowing how much to verbalize and write as it relates to our intellectual property ideas.

To learn more about Felicia Shakespeare Twitter: @iamfelicias

Friday, March 1, 2019

Expectations for Family and Friends and Business by Corvet Williams

Do you think family and friends should automatically support your business? Many heated debates have transpired over this topic. I had this idea sparked from a recent commercial I saw that said in the 1970s you could call up 10 family and friends and boom you had a successful business. Times have changed. 

Here is a personal experience I had. I was launching my business at an event and asked some family to come to help me promote while I tended the booth. Well, the help didn't exactly help the way I hoped for. They mostly sat down on their phone, at my booth, which made it look tacky when potential customers came up because there were people sitting down not engaging customers. A big NO NO right? I was upset and let down. They were even supporting other businesses and not mine. I expected them to be as excited as I was and help make my business a big deal at this event but they didn't. Afterward, I sat down and reconfigured my plan. I came to understand this was my dream, not theirs. To get the help I wanted I needed to hire people for what I needed or find others who believed in my vision.

 Family and friends are who they are regardless of our business. They were here before the business and we can’t demand them to be on board when we open a business. True enough, having their support is vital but we may not get it the way we expect and it’s necessary to adjust our expectations so we don't get let down. If I decided to sell a product for acne, it would be unreasonable for me to expect my family/friends to buy my product if they don’t have acne. They generally wouldn’t go to the store and buy a product they don’t use just for the sake of buying it. We have to remember that when it comes to our product/business. The most they may be able to help is by sharing a post on social media, donating money to the business or just being a shoulder to lean on for moral support. 

At the end of the day, don’t cut off your Friday night movie buddy all because he/she doesn’t support your business. Don’t forget the times they were there for you when you needed help changing a tire or took out time to sit with you when you lost a loved one. A family is a family, friends are friends, business is business. I hope this gives you a new perspective. I know its hard when the people we love the most don’t support our business the way we expect them to but know they still play a vital role in your life. If it gets too hard to understand their lack of support sit down and have a heart to heart with them about it. Maybe you can come to an agreement to get you on the right track.

Find more about Corvet Twitter: @CorVet

Who Do You Work For? by Dorinda Walker

I recently announced my retirement from a cushy corporate position after 20 years of service to one company. Quite honestly, the decision to leave was quite the battle in my head and heart for almost a year.  2018 was a year of triumph, my first book was published, I toured the country sharing my story, and I touched lives in a way that I never thought possible.

God had shown me and began preparing me for a transition.  My gifts could no longer be contained by the constraints of my corporate career.  But I refused to surrender. Like many of us, I struggled with my perceived lack of identity without my corporate title.  I questioned how I would be judged by my peers, if I would lose power and prestige, if I would lose friends, etc. These questions began to foster feelings of fear and doubt about my self-worth.

The irony is that when I walked into my corporate office each day, I had lost the passion and feeling of personal fulfillment. I really didn’t want to come to work.  Yet, I was still holding on, literally making myself sick with anxiety and feelings of insecurity, which put me smack dab into a spiraling sphere of depression. I knew this was a bad place for me to be in, so I began to pray for answers and guidance.

And then this happened…I heard the voice of God ask me “Who do you work for? Did I bring you this far to let you fail now?  Why are you worried about what others think when I have shown you time and time again who I am and how much I love you?”     

Whoa!!! It was like a jolt of lightning had passed through my spirit!  As a woman of faith, I knew the truth. At that moment, I felt quite silly for allowing myself to doubt what I know to be true.  I WORK FOR JESUS! My greatest passion and joy permeate my being when I serve and help others.  I did not need any corporate title to define me or my worth. My intellectual capital, talent, and gifts wouldn’t diminish because I left a corporate job. Those are things I carry with me, they are mine and mine alone.  And, the audacity to question God after everything he’s done to bring me this far?

It was then, that I said to myself, “Girl bye, you done lost your mind, but I am glad you found it! Do you know who you are?  Who you serve?  Pull up those bootstraps and show the world!” And that was the end of that nonsense the enemy tried to ingrain into my thoughts for so many months. I let go and let God! I now have a new title, Chief Executive Officer of both new business and my life.

I hope this inspires anyone going through a transition. The truth is you are the talent, you define your worth, you hold the power!

Peace and blessings,

Dorinda Walker

To learn more about Dorinda Walker: 
Twitter: @dorindawalker

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

3 Ways to Give and Earn Respect at Work by Jenny Garrett

The late Aretha Franklin sang it
Find out what it means to me

A little respect (just a little bit) is what we all want isn’t it?  In my experience, there are times and places where I have felt highly respected, cared about and valued at work and then times when ‘banter’ has gone too far, and I’ve felt bullied or belittled. You can guess which environment got the best from me.

Perhaps you’ve met those people who seem to throw their weight around because of their job title? It might get things done but it doesn’t earn respect. Demonstrating integrity in your words and in your actions, as well as showing how you make a positive impact is essential to earning respect.

In respectful environments people perform, they follow rules while also calling out poor behavior, they feel good about being there, feel secure in their work relationships and cared about. The Society for Human Resource Management released a report stating that “respectful treatment of all employees” was the number-one contributor to job satisfaction. And “trust between employees and senior management” was the second.

This means that above all of the perks and management tricks, treating each other like people is what really matters. Whether you’re starting a company or part of growing one, developing a culture of respect and trust should be a priority.

Changemakers develop good respectful relationships in the workplace, and with February being the month of love, caring and compassion, here are 3 ways to bring that respect into your work life.

1. Engage with Compassion and Curiosity
Years ago, I looked on in awe at a colleague, Trevor, who could connect with anyone, a fifty plus white male who was just as comfortable speaking to a disaffected working-class black teenager as he was to a senior government official. When I observed him, I noticed that he suspended judgment while taking the time to truly understand other’s behavior. Understanding the needs, values and beliefs that influence an individual’s behavior can really change your attitude toward them.

When you truly listen to them, you are able to develop empathy for their position or situation. Trevor was also able to accept facts. This does not mean that he agrees with or approves of other’s choices, it simply means that he was able to acknowledge the facts without any value judgment.

This engagement with compassion and curiosity is the type of behavior that creates an inclusive culture which can help organizations to be more productive and creative in the long run.

2.  Address Conflict Positively
There’s always that one person who riles you, who you struggle to communicate with, or perhaps it’s gone as far as you being enemies.

How you handle conflict is probably a fair indication of your ability to cope with both your own stress and the reactions of others to stressful situations. Too often, handling conflict isn’t done respectfully. Instead, we blame, criticize, have angry outbursts or just avoid dealing with the situation.

To communicate with respect, you need to depersonalize difficult situations. It’s likely that if an individual is angry at the situation, it’s not about you personally. Do really listen and allow the other person to speak.

If it’s appropriate to apologize, do so and mean it, don't blame others. Be the sort of person that does what you say you will and if it’s in your remit, train your people in how to solve their day-to-day disagreements informally, rather than escalating them to formal grievances.

3. Show Colleagues that you care
Little acts of kindness won't go unnoticed - particularly at work. So, when's the last time you did something nice just because you felt like it?

*  Pack an extra snack. Not all acts of kindness need to be grand gestures. You can just share a snack with one colleague on a day they seem out of sorts. Pack an extra one in your lunch or keep a few in your drawer for such an occasion.

* Buy coffee for everyone on the team. If you can splurge, then pick a random day to swing by the local coffee shop and surprise your colleagues by bringing everyone their favorite drink.

* Mentor a new colleague. Think back to your first few months on the job. Chances are, you felt like a fish out of water. Anyone new to the office probably feels the same. Take a recent hire under your wing and show him the ropes.

Remember: Respect is something you have to earn - you need to work for it!

Learn more about Jenny:

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7 Golden Strategies to Help You Fulfill Your Life’s Assignment by Priscilla Q. Williams

Everyone born into this world has a purpose and an assignment in life. We are not here in this life to just exist and live beneath our level of creation. We were born to live a life of purpose, passion, and good health. It’s not about the amount of money you have in the bank or the status on the job. You were created for more. There are many rich people who live a miserable life and those who are at the top of their game professionally but they’re still not happy. Living a fulfilled life is something we all should be striving for. If you are living a purposeful life, you will be happy and complete despite the job or the amount of money you have in the bank. I want to share with 7 golden strategies to help you fulfill your life’s Assignment.

Know your assignment is so much bigger than you.
Most of the time your purpose is tied to serving others. When you are serving others and not solely your own needs, this will help you appreciate life and grow. If you are self-focused and not looking to help others, you will stay limited and stuck.

The bigger your purpose, the bigger your obstacles
The bigger your purpose is the greater your test. When you have a huge assignment to fill there will always be obstacles that will try to block you. I can remember all the roadblocks that tried to stop me from living my purpose in life. I had to push through, and there were times I even questioned my purpose. Now I understand that these barriers were designed to make me better and stronger.

Give yourself permission
Give yourself permission to walk boldly in your purpose. It all starts with deciding to say “yes”. So many times, we know what we are purposed to do, but we second guess it. We let negative influences and other people experiences hinder us. When you give yourself the permission to truly walk in your gifts everything you desire and need will line up for you.

Know that you cannot carry out and complete your assignment alone.
It will take the support of others to help carry your assignment in life. There are people who have been where you are and can help guide you in the right direction. Don’t try to do it all alone. When you collaborate and join other people, this will give you encouragement and support.

Carry out your assignment in a state of excellence
When you know your assignment and your gifts, make sure to carry it out in a spirit of excellence. It’s a terrible thing to treat your purpose and assignment in any kind of manner. If you are called to work with girls or women, you would do a disservice if you’re not putting your all into it.  If you carry your assignment with high regard you will receive the reward and benefits.

It takes real leadership skills to carry out your assignment.
You must possess certain leadership characteristics if you expect to live out your assignment. You must be focused, confident, transparent, innovative, and decisive. Leaders stay focus and stay committed to the cause.

Don’t settle for not living out your assignment
You must be willing to exhaust everything inside of you and play full out in life. There are so many people who will never fulfill their assignment in life because they're waiting on the right time. Life is too short to continue to wait. There will never be a right time.

Priscilla Q. Williams is a Registered Nurse, Global Nurse Educator, Speaker, Author, and Certified Overflow Coach. She helps women see their brilliance and live the life they truly desire.  
Twitter Handle: @thenursescoach_

Instagram: @thenursescoach

Three Tips for Achieving your Goals Now by Yvette Gavin

Upwards of 92% of all new year’s resolutions are broken by the end of January, accordingly to research. Why is that? Why aren’t people doing what they say they want to do for themselves? I believe people fail to achieve their goals because they make the mistakes of trying to change behaviors before they change their mind. It is impossible to maintain a steady, consistent behavioral change without first renewing/changing the mind.

This concept is best expressed through Jesus’ parable: you cannot put new wine into old wineskins. The same is true with dreams and goals. You can’t get new results with an old mindset. To start your path of renewed thinking, here’re three tips to get you going:

1. To Thou Self be True. To be true to yourself is to be aware of your own nuisances. For instance, what motivates your best friend may not motivate you. Align your method of motivation with your personality type by developing a daily growth system that is simple and supports your strengths. If you haven’t used a personality profile to study your personality, try the free online 18 Personalities, or for a more detailed and engaged analysis, contact Yvette Gavin Consulting. We’re helping clients gain clarity by using the DiSC and Color Wheel personality profiles.

2. Learn to Value the Process. You've heard it before, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sustainable change takes time. It is difficult to remain engaged in anything if you do not value and appreciate the process. To do so, make a list of everything you’re going to enjoy about achieving your goal. Don’t settle with one or two things on this list. Dig deep and come up with 10 things you’re going to enjoy about achieving this goal. Anything you find as a motivator will help with developing better disciplines.
3. Be Intentional. Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you start on your goals. Set your mind on change by adding time on your calendar to do one thing each day related to your goal. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight and your challenge is that you can’t find the time to work out, then schedule time on your calendar to get up an hour earlier to exercise. Personally, when I’m working on a new goal, I immerse myself into books on the topic and the process of learning more about my goal helps to shifts my mind in the direction of winning.

Learn more about Yvette Gavin via her website at and follow her on Twitter @yvette_gavin

Thursday, February 7, 2019

5 Tips to Foster Better Business by Felicia Shakespeare

I had the opportunity to be a segment guest for WVON Radio (1690, Chicago), a pillar station serving the Chicago community. This station is one of the top in the country. On the show "Real Talk, Real People" with the host, Art "ChatDaddy" Sims I had the chance to discuss what it takes in every sector to foster better business relationships. These are 5 Tips I came up with the following, enjoy! 

Tip #1
Acknowledge Customer Loyalty
It's important to actively maintain a sense of loyalty to those who are loyal supporters of your business. How often in business do we fail to keep tabs on those individuals who are buying our products or services to ensure they feeling appreciated?!? Make your "ride or die'ers" (most loyal supporters) feel consistently appreciated and you will create a win/win. They will be your best source for new referrals. Most organizations choose to create VIP or Loyalty Programs of some kind giving out discounts or coupons, rewards, and giveaways. You name it, be creative!

Tip #2
Always remain professional no matter how long a customer has been a customer (this includes family and friends). Don't show distress in hard times or when business is slow. Just know that you and what you are providing is worth the time and the respect of your clients.  Prevent crossing lines where there is no return! Sometimes becoming too familiar (chummy) causes a lack of general respect to be lost. Be the best, remain professional and others will respect your craft (in and out of your arena).

Tip #3
Customer Service Consistency 
Be certain to maintain the focus of a "very" satisfied client at the end of every transaction you perform. ALWAYS thank a customer for their business purchase, that's at the very least. This will look a little different in every industry but a "THANK YOU" verbally, via email, etc.  gives those invisible points of satisfaction that super cedes the money in some cases. Allow the opportunity for feedback from your customers or potential customers (i.e. questionnaires, feedback box). Always strive to improve the "customer experience"!

Tip #4
Know your brand or your customer niche so that you can stay on the cutting edge in your field. We can not serve everyone, but we can exceed serving a specific one. Attempting to service everyone is always ineffective. Remaining authentic and honest (stop compromising for the $) is a must.  Work on remaining relevant by always working to improve your product or service.

Tip #5
Remain in a Teachable Space
Good clients can add value professionally and personally to your business. You want to always maintain a teachable posture in your business because someone has already achieved what you are aspiring to. This is the next level, the core of building client and partner relationships. There's always someone that's at a higher level than you are, so you need to practice the art listening.

To learn more about Felicia Shakespeare 
Twitter: @iamfelicias

Keep’ Yo’ Boss Fire Burning by Alexie Young

What is “boss fire”? It may be passion, intention, and purpose that activated your business, but how do you keep the spark going when you feel stressed? Sometimes you lose stamina because your business is actually thriving and you may find yourself overwhelmed with the responsibilities of success- meetings, press obligations, due dates. Can’t we just send our clones? Sorry sis, not yet. There is only one you! Preserve yo’self! For now, check out these 4 tips to help keep your “boss fire” burning. Your self care regimen requires more than a spa day.

Tip #1 Classify Your Contact
The mistake we often make is believing that every single conversation with every person who wants to meet with you is extremely important. While this may be true, there are levels. Remember to classify your contact with people. If someone wants to share ideas or pick your brain, that should be classified as a phone call, If there is true potential for a collaboration, classify that as a face to face meeting. We simply don't have the time to sit with everyone for lunch. Assess if the travel time is worth it.

Tip #2 Outsource Often
Some of us bossy babes like to take the wheel and be in control. How else will it get done right? Honey, the stress isn’t always worth it. Use your network to get things done efficiently. If you’re having an event pay some teenagers to set up for you. If you need a wall painted, call a business that may want you to promote them on your platform. Get free graphic design work from a college student.

Tip #3 Woo-saw and Woo Yourself
Never ever underestimate stress. It can high-jack you mentally and physically. When you neglect yourself in that way, you are risking your livelihood. Make time to takes naps. Sleep actually repairs the body and reboots the mind. Eat more nutrients by adding fruits, veggies, and herbs to your diet. Enjoy desert by the candle light. Use dance as a form of cardio. Make time to do one of your favorite things. Smile every time you get a chance to sit still girl, then get back to work! Create a balance.

Tip #4 The Power of Self-Talk
This is a dope strategy for reciting affirmations Write a list of affirmations beginning with “I am”. Using the voice recorder on your phone to record yourself will give you the option to leave enough space to repeat after yourself. You can listen to this while driving, bathing, or cleaning. How often do you hear yourself say good things about yourself. Also, considering talking yourself into doing something exciting with your business like a really fun photo shoot. Pump yourself up when you wake up in the morning.

There are so many additional habits we all have that help counter the stress of moving mountains. Having a business means that you are constantly strategizing because that that “boss fIre” is burning hot; but have you taken the time to be proud of yourself/ You’ve probably gone months without taking a guilt free nap. You deserve it! Share your self-care and efficiency tips with us.

Learn more about Alexie  Twitter @invizioncolorzinc

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Social Media Past by Corvet Williams

Technology has its pluses and minuses. The internet saves information so one can go back 10 years ago or more on sites like Twitter and blogs and reveal posts of racial slurs, gay bashing, and other derogatory statements. Lately, this has caused some adverse attention to some celebrities about posts they have made in the past. It leaves me to think of how I would feel in a case like that.

 I am not the same person emotionally and mentally that I was 5 years ago let alone 10 years. I don't even remember most things I have posted. Facebook has memories it shows you from posts you made on a particular date but a different year. Some of my posts I’ve seen, I’ve thought, ‘What was I thinking?’ I almost felt embarrassed knowing I said it ‘out loud’ by posting it on social media. With that being said where is the pass or understanding for growth and maturity? I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I've done, thought and said some things in the past when I wasn't as mature as I am now. So what, am I to be condemned for being immature? What if I have clearly shown I am not that same person anymore? Should I still be judged by my previous immature actions? I am not talking about actions from last week, I’m talking about years ago. How far back, is too far back? How can a person redeem themselves after something like this comes to light? Should there be a statute of limitations for social media posts? 

As a business owner and entrepreneur, what if someone found a post I made that was not socially acceptable or politically correct? And what if I lost customers, vendors, business, sales, etc? Imagine working day and night and years to build a brand and business, to have it lost virtually overnight? How devastating would it be to lose a main source of income because of a previous belief? I was raised to have certain beliefs that I do not condone now, but at one point in my life, I thought that was the ‘right’ way to think. If a person shows they have grown away from whatever they may have said then I don't see the problem in forgiving them. I once saw something that said if Maya Angelou died in her 20s, she would have died a prostitute and a single mother. The same post said if Malcolm X died in his 20’s he would have died a thief, woman beater and drug abuser. Yet they both went on to do great things in their lives and change the lives of many for the good.

Laws have statutes of limitations and employers only go back so many years for work experience, why not the same for social media posts? Let me know what you think about this and what is the best way to change how we judge a person's past - social media past that is.

Find more about Corvet Twitter: @CorVet

Monday, February 4, 2019

Goodbye Corporate America, Hello Me by Dorinda Walker

Can you believe 2019 is well underway? I hope you have big plans for this new year of life and what it has to offer. As for me, I have some exciting yet scary news to share. I am retiring from Corporate America this year at the age of 48! I know you must be thinking, “How can she ‘retire’ at 48? Did she win the lottery? Receive a huge legacy from a rich relative? Play the ponies?” The truth is, throughout the past year God was preparing me to close the glass door of my office after 20 years of service to one company.'

While I am extremely grateful for the lessons I learned over the past two decades there, now I must take on the challenge of walking through another door into the unknown. I will admit, this new adventure makes me feel a bit frightened and utterly excited at the same time.

While I achieved a level of success that I never thought possible as a young woman, I’ve known for quite some time that my gifts were too big to be confined and limited by the constraints of my corporate career. During the past 20 years, I learned so much about myself and what I was truly capable of achieving. Armed with that knowledge, I am confident that my talent and gifts can help me build businesses and a brand for myself that will further enable me to fulfill my passions in a much bigger way. 

I no longer have to endure the annual review process to see how my work compared with my peers or what corporate leaders thought about my performance. Now, no one can define my steps except me. I have no limitations or guidelines for what I can do or accomplish. I will create my own plans, and trust me, it won’t be based on any comparison to others.

I don't know what God has planned for me…but I know it's big! I am now able to create, write, speak, influence and travel on my own terms. That freedom fuels my soul and empowers me to experience the flexibility that I desperately sought over the past few years. I now have freedom of choice. I can prioritize the person I have neglected for so many years…me.  

So, what does retirement mean to me? It means the beginning of my next chapter, which will be bold, deliberate and challenging. I have already started a collective of endeavors and new collaborations to create multiple streams of income for myself and my family. One essential lesson I learned during my corporate years is the importance of accumulating wealth, which can only be attained by developing multiple streams of income. My mentors taught me that if you don’t make money in your sleep, you are not on the right track.

Don’t get me wrong, my goals are not entirely driven by monetary reward. The heart of anything I do is led by the following questions I ask myself: “Will this endeavor help others? Will it lead to positive change? Will it disrupt the status quo?” I’ve also learned that when you work from a place of service, God will reward you. I understand that I receive personal fulfillment by leading change and disrupting norms. So, you can bet that those actions will stay at the forefront of my decision making.

As I begin my next chapter, I hope that I have inspired you to kick up your heels and waste no time to take your dreams to the next level. Your shift doesn’t have to be as substantial as mine, but if you have the vision to do something different or new, don’t wait 20 years to do it! In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done!”

If you take a leap, I will be there to cheer you on. Be sure to keep me posted on your journey! 

Peace and blessings!

To learn more about Dorinda Walker: 
Twitter: @dorindawalker