Sunday, December 8, 2019

Don’t be Messy: Declutter Your Business Model By Alexie Young

Imagine your business as if it were a closet. How organized would you say it is? Sometimes when you’re a creative business mind, you come up with so many ideas for your business that you feel you should pursue each one and sometimes it's hard to decide what to pursue. I recently had an experience where I wanted to get really clear about my strategic plan for next year and realized that I had to call in a consultant to help me sort through all the noise in my head. 

Tip #1 Consult With An Expert Other Than Yourself!
If you're a boss then it's very likely that people often come to you for your expertise. However, when it's time to get yourself organized it could be overwhelming to sort through all the elements of your business you plan to keep, toss, or tackle. Your best bet is to call in an expert to help you tidy up your strategic plan. Your first task is to have your consultant help you focus on three areas you want to give consistent attention to. Challenge yourself to stay on task! 

Tip #2  Prioritize New Ideas! 
When an idea strikes it can sometimes feel like a bolt of lightning and you might feel a sense of urgency to execute. Sometimes new ideas can get you off track and distract you from what is most effective for your business: pick a product or service, perfect the production of it and be consistent. Often times businesses neglect new ideas if they feel it didn’t work. Perhaps it was low attendance for an event, low sales for a product, and entrepreneurs feel an urgency to shift gears to launch another idea.  It is often more rewarding to master a few things instead of spreading your business too thin. As for your new ideas, write them down and pick one of them to experiment within the year. Your goal should be to measure the outcome of your consistency, not the volume of producing new ideas.

Tip #3  Be Mindful About New Partnerships!
Sometimes when you’re running a business successfully it may attract individuals that have a high interest in working with you. Oftentimes, it may make sense to partner with people who have good intentions, but sometimes partnerships can get you off track and deter you from sticking to your strategic plan. Give yourself permission to be selective about what you give your time to. You may be asked to sit on panels, model for someone's clothing brand, be featured on a podcast, and beyond. Make sure that whatever you say yes to. it should have a clear connection to your business and that it highlights you in the best way possible. Stick to your plan and survey your results.

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