Sunday, January 20, 2019

Step Up Your Vision Board Game for 2019 by Alexi Young

Cheers to the New Year as it revives a season of envisioning, planning, and utilizing those magazines that have piled up on your coffee table. It’s time to make a vision board!

Over the past few years, vision boards have gotten more popular as they have been perceived to be highly effective while pursuing your goals. The downside is that It can be tempting to glue pretty pictures on your poster board without fully investing the intention behind it. This year challenge yourself to incorporate these 8 tips while creating your 2019 blueprint for success!

Tip #1 Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Dedicate some time to mentally unpack the evolution of you. Reference your old vision board or journal. Look over the past year and express a feeling of gratitude. Focus on what you accomplished and how you made it through another year. Also, reach out to thank your support system. The more you express gratitude the more you invite positive experiences into your life!

Tip #2 Clarity is Key
Your vision board serves as a guide to stay laser-focused on specific goals. You are your own GPS. Try planning your route to success with journaling what you want to work on this year, and get super specific. Be sure to get so detailed that it prompts you to visualize that new house or new business product in your mind.

Tip #3 Use Symbolism
Take some time to research some of the items that will need to be placed on your vision board. Instead of overcrowding your poster board with pictures from a magazine, perhaps finding small symbols that mean something to you. Therefore when you see those symbols out in the world, it becomes a reminder to stay the course. It’s exactly why symbols are used as logos in marketing.

Tip #4 Issa Vibe
As you set a date and time to assemble your vision board be sure that you are overwhelmed with positive energy. Don’t invite skeptics to your vision board party. It taints the vibe of a sacred moment. Play your favorite music, light some candles and fully commit to the moment.

Tip #5 Set the Intention
As you are preparing to place items on your vision board, be clear on what each item represents. Whether you are using stickers, pictures, words, or more, make sure to write or recite why that picture is worthy of coming to fruition and why you are worthy of receiving it. Give yourself permission to get excited about it. What you dream is what you get! Dream big.

Tip #6 Keep it Close
After you have completed your vision board. Post it somewhere where you might see it every day. Allow it to seep into your subconscious. Seeing it as often as possible allows it to get deeply ingrained in your way of living. Take a picture of it and store it as your screensaver.

Tip #7 Take Actions
Use your vision board to record a list of affirmations. Listen to your recording daily. Recite words that reflect what’s on our vision board. Give yourself a 21 day challenge to create new habits that align with your vision. Have an accountability partner when times get rough and stay on course.

If you follow these tips, watch it work and share these tips with friends and love ones who are ready to be great!

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Intentional Vibrations by Corvet Williams


When you dream how successful you want to be, do you believe you will receive or do you doubt? Do you believe that you deserve to be successful? Do you feel down when others flourish almost effortlessly? Be honest. You only have to answer to you and it’s worth the contemplation.

As I take inventory of my own feelings and thoughts I had to be honest, I wasn’t always sure I would receive what I asked for. For as long as I can remember, I have believed that asking and asking
would eventually make me believe I deserved what I asked for and then it would come to me. I wasn’t aware when I asked I needed to know I deserved it, by feeling and acting as if I had it already. Rather than the idea that we have to settle or we won't always get what we want in some way shape or form.

I desperately wanted to break that cycle and develop a new idea. I wanted to believe, that I too, can have anything I wanted and that a life of abundance, a life filled with money, love, business success, etc. and that it was not something only set aside for a few lucky humans. I set my life with intentions to find the answer on how to go about achieving this. Over the years I’ve been studying and listening to lectures from multiple teachers and speakers about vibrational
alignment. To name a few that I follow: Malachi York, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Will Smith and anything on the Laws of Attraction.

We as humans tend to focus on what's going bad instead of what's going good in our lives. When the NOW has fear, doubt and less than, we focus and give those things more fuel to invite its ‘family’ into our lives. The truth is, we want abundance, love, peace, success, to be fearless, to acquire more than enough, prosperity, happiness, wealth and health. The way to do that works like this, when you envision your future for your business and all the success you see yourself having, think about how good it makes you feel and the smile it puts on your face.

When you keep that smile and good feelings, it raises your vibrations to attracts that thing and everything like it to you. It takes practice and it doesn’t mean you will never experience disappointment, but the key is to acknowledge it and move on from it. Don’t continue to speak on it or think about for any period of time longer than a few seconds. Find a sound, color, memory, shape, movie, song, smell, or anything that always keeps you in a good mood. As you make your business plans, tell yourself, ‘allow me to see my self-worth and know I deserve every good thing already given me and more.’ There is so much to be grateful for each day so let’s keep the #positivevibesonly going!

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The Art of Building Solid Business Relationships by Dorinda Walker

I've got a secret that most of my business colleagues would never believe. I am an introvert. After spending a long day engaging and networking with other business people, I often come away from the event exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the interaction and I love learning what motivates and inspires others. However, over-engaging can sometimes be mentally and physically draining for me. Through the years, I have learned to accept my introspective personality and plan time in my schedule to decompress, reflect and process my feelings after working an extensive, exciting event.

So, imagine my surprise when I began receiving requests to mentor professionals on how to build effective relationships. At first, I questioned why anyone would want me to mentor them on this skill. I did not view myself as an expert in relationship building by any means. But, as I began to examine my network of accomplished professionals and how they perceive me, I finally realized that building relationships and networking are two of my innate gifts.

Given that I have received numerous inquiries on the topic, I’ve decided to share my sixth sense on relationship building with you. Here are 10 key principles that have worked for me.

  1. Mutual respect is required. There must be a mutual connection or admiration of one another that merits further engagement and dialogue. If the initial interaction was uncomfortable or you did not feel a connection, it can’t be forced. If it is meant to be, another time will present itself to engage and connect.

  2. Your network must be diverse. If everyone in your network looks or thinks like you, where is the challenge and learning opportunity? We live in a diverse, dynamic and complex world full of obstacles and opportunities. Having a network of professionals from different ethnicities, gender, and professional backgrounds will empower you to have a greater diversity of thought and creativity.

  3. Don’t be selfish. Do not pursue relationships for the sole purpose of self-gain. I am purposeful in aligning myself with givers not takers. A good relationship can only be established when both parties give and take. Understand the gifts you have to offer and the value you bring to the relationship. I have found that individuals who genuinely share their knowledge, experience and connections have honor and authenticity, which in turn facilitates trust.

  4. Be an active listener. It may sound easy, but not everyone is effective at this skill. I have found that listening is the most important component of a successful interaction. When you listen, you gain knowledge as well as demonstrate that you understand what the other person truly desires.

  5. Understand what’s being said. Ensure that the person you are speaking to genuinely understands what you are saying. How many times have you spent time with someone and you both misunderstood each other’s message? Be clear and check in occasionally to confirm you are both on the same page.

  6. Celebrate wins. When anyone in your circle has an accomplishment, be sure to congratulate them and share the news with your network. That simple act acknowledges that you care, and that person won’t forget that you were rooting and cheering for them. It’s a meaningful gesture that goes a long way.

  7. Be open to feedback. There is a huge benefit in getting honest feedback. If it is real and on point, don’t take it as criticism. These types of observations often come with advice on what you can do better or how your actions are perceived. It helps you to be self-aware, to improve your skills and to up your game. You also have a responsibility to give feedback when required. If there’s mutual respect, your feedback will be welcome and accepted.

  8. Don’t be a consistent whiner or complainer. Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people. It’s okay to share your struggles and to seek advice, but ensure you reveal your feelings to people in your network who are empathetic and can relate to what you’re experiencing. They will still hold you accountable for having the confidence and drive to succeed despite the odds.

  9. Patiently wait for your turn. When you seek to build a network of successful professionals, understand that you will not always be a top priority. The hustle it takes to achieve success requires strategic focus. An unreturned call or email does not mean an individual does not care or does not wish to help, it simply means they are focused on another priority at the time. Don't get into your feelings to the point that risk losing a relationship. 

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