Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why it is Important to Establish Business Credit Early by Aminah Knowles

Building business credit is probably the most important thing to prioritize for business owners. Many startups depend on the use of their own personal assets to secure their funding. This is because they want to increase their creditworthiness. But today, building business credit is preferred by most business owners.
The National Small Business Association has surveyed and as much as 27% of businesses claimed that they weren’t able to receive the funding that they needed. For many businesses, the impact of the lack of funding was stopping them from growing their business.
Unfortunately, one cannot build a successful business and business credit without having a good credit history. Creditors will be reviewing your credit scores, and if they have nothing to review, they won’t know the risk they are putting their-selves into, worse than that is you will definitely not be approved.
You might have heard somewhere that building business credit does not matter. If that’s true, then why are lots of business credit reports being pulled daily? Business Credit reports are pulled for all kinds of reasons from gaining knowledge that manufacturers pay their bills, suppliers pull business credit on them. And to know that suppliers are dependable and reliable, manufacturers also pull business credit on them.
Building business credit is something you should look forward to. Why? Here are some reasonable statements:
It protects personal credit. With the use of business credit, you can leave your personal credit out of the equation. It divides your business decisions from your personal credit history.
It improves credit capacity. “Businesses have 10 to 100 times greater credit capacity compared to personal credit”, according to the SBA. This is a great chance for your business to qualify for financing factors which are strictly related to the business.  
It helps to grow your business. Some companies, investors, and banks mostly rely on business creditworthiness when determining insurance premiums, setting loan terms and many more, considering you as a feasible partner.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Brilliant and Built For Success Part 1 by Dr. Catrina Pullum

As my husband, Shawn, and I prepared to launch our entertainment management company, we sat down with each other, as we always do, and talked about our vision, and what we were setting out to embark upon. We’d spent countless hours up until that point, planning, pinpointing, and, most importantly, praying, about what we desired for our lives, our business, and everyone we would touch through it.

We knew the type of clients that we desired to serve and how we wanted to nurture them and their careers within our firm, but we needed to go beyond that. We needed to think about not only how far that we as a team had the capacity to take people, but how far our clients, these brilliant, black stars (in every sense of the word) could take themselves.

So, we came up with a quote that is now the guiding principle of our business:

“Reaching beyond the limits of success.”

There it was. With that handful of words, we set out to powerfully and intentionally redefine what success means. In our company and in our lives, we are purposed to help people to see, reach, and achieve beyond their normal limits. We want to show people how to take the lid off of success and ignite them to keep striving for that next level, that higher plane. We want people to continue to move. Upwards. Beyond what they can see.

Think about the flow of water. It’s kept alive because it’s constantly moving. It’s trying to get somewhere to do something. When water becomes stagnant, there is a pungent smell that rises from it and fills the air. That scent reminds us of death and decay. Yet, when water is in flow, we see that movement as life. We are no different. We were created to move. To flow. To live.

So, we ask you, are you flowing? Have you become stagnant? Where is that you are striving to get to? Is it financial gain? Or is it something higher?

When many of us first step into building something for ourselves, be it a business or a career, we take a leap a faith with the intention of creating something better than we had before. We want to bring a sense of financial ease to our lives. We want our children’s paths to be easier and their futures brighter. So sometimes, oftentimes, success begins to look like things and not impact. You don’t have to stop here. You shouldn’t stop here. The success that you’ve achieved thus far is a way-point, not an end-point. There are new limits—new heights—for you to reach. Because we, as black people, as the descendants of a people destined for greatness beyond comprehension have more work left to do.

That is flowing, growing, sowing, and bestowing. That is what we do for our clients and help them to do for themselves. That is reaching beyond limits of success!

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Why Discovering Your Purpose Can Elevate Your Life by Jena Bell

Do you know your life’s purpose? Have you ever reflected on your life and wondered what is my purpose? Why am I here?
These are great questions to ponder if you have not done so previously. 
Why? There are three reasons.
First, I believe that each of us has a purpose and a calling on our life. 
Second, it is up to each individual to discover what that purpose is and to make a decision to be obedient to the calling. Because understanding your purpose, gives meaning to your life, it serves as a compass for how you live and how to prioritize things that are important to you. 
Third, When you are connected to your purpose, your reason for being, you elevate your life,  show up powerfully in the world and increase your impact on the people you ultimately serve.  I believe that our life is about serving others. 
Now many people talk about purpose, but for the sake of our discussion, let’s make sure we are on the same page.  I am specifically focused on the belief that we each have been designed to fulfill a mission during our time on earth. I am not referring to roles that you may fulfill, such as an accountant, lawyer, doctor, executive, mom, or dad, these are all titles we have given ourselves. I am talking about the measure of the mark you chose to make in the world. Your impression on the lives of people you serve. It’s who you are regardless of the roles you engage in during your lifetime.  The purpose shows up in your role. For instance, if you are purposed for healing and transforming lives, you may do that in the role of a nurse, musician, speaker, or even an accountant. Yes, amazing, right? I share this short story as an illustration. A fellow Purpose-Driven Woman is a talented accountant. But what sets her apart, is the mission embedded in her work. She heals the financial health of her clients. As a healer, her purpose is manifested through how she deploys her skills as an accountant. Her focus is not just the transactional part of her work, it’s the powerful impact to change their relationship with money, so they become better stewards over their finances, invest, and build a legacy. She is a purpose-driven, mission-based financial accountant who heals her clients’ finances.  She loves her work and her purpose brings greater fulfillment in what would be a mundane transactional business.  Operating in your purpose gives you clarity, elevates your creativity and allows you to operate fully in who you are intended to be.
If you struggle with knowing your purpose or would like help in deploying your purposefully in your business or career, let’s Connect so that you start to live fully in your purpose.
Jena L Bell, Author, Mirror Affirmations, International Speaker and Founder, Purpose on the Rise and Pathways to Abundance. I can be reached at or Connect with Jena, Instagram, Linked-In, Facebook.