Saturday, July 6, 2019

MOM N’ GO by Corvet Williams

Life in the seasonal cities gets revved up during the summer season. We go from being cooped inside all the time to being free to roam about without coats, sweaters, boots, socks, scarves, gloves, etc. It's a very exciting time of the year. Chicago, like most cities, has all kinds of festivals, carnivals, food festivals, bbq's, picnics, pool parties, etc.

As a mother, it can get hectic juggling kids, family, work, and planning. So I have found some Summertime tips to help my days flow better. I have become that mother, with that kind of car, yup that's me! I'm the mother with a box full of toys in the car and an ice cooler full of water and other drinks. You never know whose party you will end up at and what kind of entertainment will be available for kids. If they don't have items to accommodate your children, it helps to be able to pull a ball and other games out the car they can enjoy too. So it helps me to keep the cooler because I don’t have to make frequent stops to the store and restaurants for drink fill ups because kids are ALWAYS thirsty. Keeping a small box with weatherproof snacks like fruit snacks and popcorn are helpful. I usually put some fruit in ziplock bags to put in the cooler each day.

Plenty of wet wipes, change of clothes and toys have saved the day, many days. Yes, my car looks a mess, but so what?! I have to make sure I keep my sanity and my days going as seamless as possible. It keeps me and the kids happy. I couldn’t ask for a better day, or summer I should say. What is your mom on the go tips? What does your car look like? What have you found has saved the day for you that now is apart of your daily plans? Share your parenting tips, you never know who it can help. 

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