Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Why It’s Important to Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit Even If You Work A Job by Priscilla Q. Williams

Most people who have decided to open their own business didn’t make this decision overnight. I’m sure there was some thought about the process long before they made the leap. Entrepreneurship is something that takes place in your heart long before it is a reality. I could remember as a young girl always having a dream to speak and travel the world. I remember writing my first book in grammar school that later allowed me to compete in the Young Author’s Program, representing my entire school on the regional level. The book was later turned into a play for my school’s Black History Program.

I had an entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age, it was like it was apart of my D.N.A. You too may have had visions and dreams as a child not realizing there was a drive within you that caused you to go for more. I think about my son Donnie who has had an entrepreneurial spirit in him from a young age. He would sell candy at school to make money because he was a diabetic and couldn’t have candy. Now he is 20 years old and started his own T-shirt line and now desires to open a clothing store.

Whatever dream and vision you have inside of you, don’t let it die. If you work a job right now that’s ok, but don’t allow your entrepreneurial spirit to die at the job. It is important to operate in a business mindset long before you open your business. Here are three ways you can operate in a business mindset even while you are working for someone else.

Do more than expected

One of the biggest mistakes people make while working for someone else is by doing just enough to get by. This will not allow you to use your skills and talents as you could, and it won’t allow others to see your full potential. Every place I have worked, I have always gone above and beyond. I have never been a person to settle for average. I like to not only do a good job, but I like to do better than a good job. Some may call me an overachiever, but this is the way I am wired. I believe when you go above and beyond someone will recognize it. This is important when it comes to merit increases, promotions, and new opportunities.

Always seek to Learn More

While you are working for your employer, use this as a time to learn and grow. Every training, class, certification, or educational opportunity should be taken advantage of. I have learned that the best investor for your personal development is your employer. When I use to work in oncology at Northwestern University, I took advantage of every training and educational program offered. They offered educational training for nurses to attend a large conference and workshops. I would volunteer to attend every single one of them. For a while, I was the only nurse attending those pieces of training. This opened the door for me to see other opportunities available in the healthcare industry and it also allowed me to meet and connect with new people. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to grow and learn more. All the training I attended and the certifications I received allowed me to use those skills to market myself in my business. The more you learn; it also positions you as an expert in your industry.

Always be willing to take the lead

One of the things I learned over the years is to never be scared to take the lead. There have been opportunities in many places I have worked to take the initiative and lead. Each time it was presented, I took it. I remember when I worked at Walgreens corporation, the VP asked our team how can we recruit new business? I took the lead to host an educational dinner to attract new business. This allowed me to show the VP of the company my innovative skills and my leadership ability. As a result of me taking on this task, I was asked to take the lead on a new project by Walgreen corporation to open new infusion centers in Chicago. This opportunity would have never been presented to me if I would have not shown my leadership skills. While you are working for someone else show them exactly what you can do and what you bring to the table.

So being an entrepreneur doesn’t start when you open a business. It starts while you are working a job. If you can help someone else sustain their business, then you will be able to run your own. This means show up to work on time, do your work and don’t work on your business while you are working for someone else. Think about how you would want your employees to treat your business. It all starts with where you are. Being an entrepreneur is bigger than owning a business, it’s about your character and integrity. The seeds you plant now will always produce fruit later.

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