Saturday, September 7, 2019

Living In The Overflow! by Dr. Jena L. Bell

There’s something inside of you that you know you must share, you must release. 
It’s that feeling inside of you that pulls at your heart to serve others.  Have you felt that way with a sudden rush through your soul? 

Just recently on a trip abroad,  I looked out over the sky and the vast ocean below,  I saw so many possibilities. I saw hope where there seems despair in many parts of our society. I saw a future where the present seems limited. When I look into the eyes of others who may see “impossible,” I see their “I’m Possible.”  It’s a gift that God has given me. 

Introspectively, I began reflecting on who I have been created to be. One to live fully on purpose, in purpose, intentionally obedient to my call and In the Overflow!

As I sat on the plane, there was a woman sitting next to me. Her eyes seemed weary, even as she strained to smile as I greeted her with my big smile and an open heart. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about her the entire flight and what might have been troubling her. I have heard so many heart-wrenching stories while traveling,  I could only imagine. We went the entire flight separated by the aisle. She fell asleep and rested the remainder of the flight. 

As we approached the runway, it was put on my heart to share with her my book. 
I pinned a special note to her and told her to read it later but to take the book as my gift to her. She offered to pay but I told her if she read it and it helped her in any way, that would be enough for me. 

As I approached the baggage carousel, I saw her in the distance, reading my book with a big smile on her face. She was so involved as she went through the index, turning to specific chapters, she didn’t notice me watching. My heart was touched as I hoped that hers was too. I didn’t want to take a picture because her big smile was forever captured in my mind. 

Life is about living intentionally on purpose, in purpose. Are you living a purpose-led life? A life of fulfillment which creates joy and prosperity in your life and your business? 

If so, you are blessed.

If not, are you ready to answer the call to purpose in your life? I urge you to discover your possibilities and let your purpose open your path to greater abundance. It’s time to live In the Overflow!

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