Sunday, December 15, 2019

Welcome To The Goal Digger Club by Jacqueline Miller

Six Easy Steps To Greater Success

I am an unapologetic goal digger.

Well, how about we swap out the word "digger" for "setter?"

However, you get the picture.

Yes, I am an advocate of goal setting, strategy sessions, and vision boards, too.

In the words of the world-renowned writer, Lewis Carrol, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

No matter where you are in your life journey, whether you're a Gen Z or Baby Boomer, working mom or single and satisfied, it is my belief that establishing goals for your future is a worthwhile process and is a beneficial use of your time.

Many people spend more time mapping out what they are going to eat or wear next week than they do being focused on their short or long-term financial budgets, career and relationship goals, or health & wellness and personal development plans.

There's no doubt that many people are simply reluctant to establish goals.

But why?

1. Some feel that if they set goals, it forces them to stick with them no matter what. When, in fact, goals are editable and transferrable. Hell, life happens, and often these events require us to remove, add, and shift things that were once must-do items.

2. Whatever you do, don't confuse goals with New Year's resolutions. The latter typically are not as succinct, are vague, are often random thoughts on December 31, and are tanked and forgotten about by January 31.

As is the case with every decision you make in life, to create goals or not to create goals is an individual decision. However, those who establish them consistently generally speak highly of their usefulness, year after year.

If you have never taken the time to establish goals or are currently struggling to define them (clarity is essential to the process), here are six easy steps to greater success, simply by joining the Goal Digger Club.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sis!)
Start small. Many people find themselves throwing in the towel in defeat when they attempt to go big, fail, and then want to go home. If you have a big goal, take the time to break it into smaller ones. Baby steps allow you to move at a pace that you are comfortable with and provide you with the opportunity to scratch off more tasks from your list. Progress trumps speed, as long as you are moving closer to your goal in the reasonable timeframe that you have established.

H-E-L-P : A Cool 4-Letter Word
Very few people are capable of achieving their goals on their own. There is no shame in seeking the assistance of someone more skilled in an area than you are. No matter what your goals are, there is likely someone available to not only assist you but to help you with time management as you work toward achieving them. Why reinvent the wheel when a particular subject matter is not within your wheelhouse? That's crazy! Billionaire Malcolm Forbes once said, "The Dumbest People I Know Are Those Who Know It All."

There are coaches, mentors, advisors, and specialists available to be a resource for you. One of the primary reasons so many people give up on their goals is an unwillingness to admit that they can't complete the process alone. That revelation leads to frustration, which leads to procrastination, which leads to stagnation. Anything worth having in life requires effort.

Consistency is Key
Commitment requires consistency. If you are serious about this process and are genuinely determined to achieve your goals, you have to be "all in." Whether it's an hour a day or every other day, you decide. But be consistent and be thoroughly committed to your progress. Some action is better than none, especially if you are new to the process of goal setting. Think of where you could be now if you had begun last year this time. However, on a brighter note, think of where you'll be next year if you remain committed now.

Success May Require Shifts
One of my very first coaches told me "You have to be more committed to your results than your resistance." This meant that I needed to be flexible. I needed to be willing, able, and aware of when I needed to pivot. Shift the time, pivot way from a particular person, or idea. Switch gears if you discover that a goal you have set will make more sense in 2021 vs. now. Again, these are your goals, and no one should want to witness your success more than you.

How You Doing?
Who's giving you feedback, and who is holding you accountable? No matter how much of a boss we may be, everybody needs at least one person in their life to have honest conversations with. People who will candidly differentiate your reasons from your excuses. Yes, call you out on your stuff, but also present to cheer you on across your goal line. Nothing beats having a supportive celebration circle in your life, even if it consists of only one reliable soul. Quality beats quantity anytime.

Visualize It

You've drafted your goals, now what? Consider creating a vision board that will be a reflection of some or all of your goals. Your board will serve as a daily visual reminder of your goals and your dreams. A document consisting of your goals is great; however, a vision board will almost bring your goals to life. In addition, your boards can be edited, just as your goals can be. Seeing a board each day that you created can also serve as motivation to keep going.

If living your best life matters to you, there is no way you can be without goals. A “throw it up against the wall and hope it happens” mindset is not a strategy. At a minimum, it is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. And you, boss lady, are worthy of more than that.

Jacqueline Miller is a certified life coach, speaker, author, grief support facilitator, writer and career and leadership consultant for working moms. A former senior human resources executive, she is also skilled in helping leading-edge organizations boost their success factor, by delivering essential business and soft skills training workshops, designed to cultivate a workforce of high-performing talent.

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