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What’s Your Net Worth? by Dr. Sharice Bradford

I have repeatedly seen a quote that reads “you are the sum total of the five people you spend most of your time with”.  So I want you to take a moment and consider who do you spend the most time with?  

For those of us who are workaholics, it could be people from work.  For some of us, it’s friends.  Still others it's family.  There may also be mentors and business partners or associates.  It could be a mixture of all of the above.  

As you think of your five, think of their influence on your life.  Are the pouring into you (positively) or are they pouring on you(negatively). Do they add value or are they tanking your physical, mental and emotional stock?  

Think of the last time each of your five encouraged you, supported you, cheered you on or were there for you when you needed them.  Think of what deposits they have made into the food in your life.  How much positivity and sunshine have they provided?  

Now before I go on let me say that these relationships should be mutually beneficial.  The best return on your personal stock is the work you put in as well.  

So again I ask who are your five?  If there are people in your five who are lowering your emotional property value, let them go.  Shift the amount of time and attention you get them.  Cut the cords if necessary.  We are in the business of moving forward and you can’t always take everyone with you.  

If they are adding value and worth, thank them.  Send them a card in the mail, yes people still do that and people like to receive something other than bills in the mail.  Buy them a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.  Let them know you appreciate the value they add to your life.  

Make sure that you are adding value as well. Assess what you bring to your relationships and make sure that you are not subtracting value from yourself or others.  Nurture the relationships that raise your net worth and eliminate those who are lowering your net worth.  I have also heard it said that Your Network determines You Net Worth.  Again I ask what is your Net Worth? 

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Stay in Your Lane by Christal Luster

Have you ever been on the expressway stuck in a long, agonizing line of traffic and you finally start moving and see no signs of an accident? Many times I’ve found myself even more frustrated that we slowed down for nothing. Most of the time, we find ourselves in a slow-moving line of onlookers. An accident, a traffic stop or some other distraction catches our attention and causes us to slow down, take our eyes off what’s in front of us and focus all attention and energy on people heading in a totally opposite direction.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned with the misfortunes of others. I’m one of those people who pray for people involved in accidents as I pass by. It’s a good thing to be aware of what’s happening with others. I’ve learned, however, that even though we are concerned about what’s happening around us, anything that causes us to take our eyes off what’s in front of us can cause detrimental consequences: front end and rear-end accidents, missed exits and tardiness for us and those following us. 

In the same way, when we focus too much on what others are doing, we put ourselves in a position to crash, miss opportunity and delay ourselves and those behind us from reaching our God-appointed destinations. As hard as it can be sometimes, you must stay in your lane. Celebrate your friend’s success, but don’t be so consumed with how far he/she has gone that you delay your own journey. Don’t fall into the pit of comparison. They may be headed in a totally different direction with a different assignment, but you’ll miss out on your destiny because you aren’t looking where you’re driving. Your body will always follow your thoughts and your eyes. Sometimes you have to put on those blinders, cut up your power playlist and follow the GPS. You will make it. Just stay the course.

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Top Ways to Leverage Your Press for Bigger Brand Exposure by Pam Perry


I get calls all the time from business owners wanting to “get out.” Meaning they don’t want to be in business and no one knows about them. They want to be seen, heard and noticed by their ideal customers. Getting out there means doing media interviews (whether traditional or new media). This gives you “third party” endorsements which will build bring awareness and consequently trust if they see you often enough. You will grow your brand and elevate your stature as an expert. By showing up on radio, TV or in print publications is a way to educate your potential clients on your products and services.

You want to generate trust – and buzz – by an objective media outlet.

But once you have a media hit… WHAT CAN YOU DO NEXT to leverage it?

Here are some ways to get mileage out of your media coverage:

· Refer to their media hit a testimonial of your work

· Frame the articles and put in your office/lobby

· Promote “As Seen on TV” (name the station)

· Show off What Your Business is All About to Prospects

· Create Social Media Snippets

· Add Video to Your Website & Youtube Channel

Where to distribute your media exposure:

· Put on the website under Media Page

· Put the media logos on your business card

· Use in a Direct Mailing to past and current customers

· Put in PowerPoint Presentations

· Put in Press Kit or publicity book of clips

· Use in email or newsletters

· Put on the blog and share out via social

· Use in your social media by taking a picture of you on the TV Set or in the studio or doing a screenshot of you on the air

Repackage and repurpose

Don’t let your big event fade into the background as soon as it’s over. Instead, turn that media hit into magic that will continue to showcase you as the go-to person in your niche.

The point is, use and re-use this content everywhere you can, and it will continue to help you grow your business for years.

Blow your own horn
Interviews and being featured in publications like SPEAKERS MAGAZINE are all fantastic ways to leverage and to show off your expertise. Remember, it’s up to turn that “fame” into more opportunities.

Don’t forget to make the most of media hits by including the information on your:

· About page

· Speaker page

· Press page

· LinkedIn bio

So, you see besides telling your friends and family that you were interviewed, make sure you build brand awareness, buzz, and trust. Tell your story – media exposure can be leveraged indefinitely if you know how to optimize it right.

Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She teaches and mentors authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs on how to build a platform and attract major media and publishers. She is the publisher of SPEAKERS MAGAZINE and co-founder of Digital Business Acceleration and podcast of the same name. Visit www.pamperrypr.com and listen to her in Apple Podcasts.

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