Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Experience As A BOSS By BLACKCARD Member Shay Atkins

Shay Atkins, Black Enterprise $10,000 "Elevator Pitch" Winner

Now tell me any woman, girlfriend, sister, young lady or even grandma that doesn’t like to be referenced as a BOSS…but a boss standing for ”Bringing Out Successful Sisters”.  Now does this organization discover successful sisters? Do you have to be successful to be a part of it?  What makes a girl a BOSS?  Am I a BOSS?  How do I become a BOSS?
The BOSS Network is not just an online community for women, it fosters a network of women in all fields, in all colors, ethnicity’s, backgrounds, interests, values and opinions.  On The BOSS Network we have the opportunity to come together in a safe environment where we share best practices, highlight accomplishments, provide solutions and create an environment of trust and love for women.  I believe in BOSS and the vision of this organization. 
The BOSS Network’s goals and values are parallel to my own as a mentor and mom of young teenage girls.  In my personal opinion being a part of this network has been extremely invaluable to me.  Being a BLACKCARD member on the BOSS network I was able to network with other women to build my client list for my catering company.  That decision afforded me the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference where I had the pleasure of bringing home the 2010 Black Enterprise’s Elevator Pitch $10,000 cash prize.
Cameka Smith, CEO & Founder of this awesome organization, is one of the most exceptional women I have ever met, she has touched my life and has permanent footprints in my heart.  She has created the foundation for one of the most positive, enlightening and beneficial online platforms for women in our lifetime.   I am honored that Cameka has asked me to serve in this organization on a global level.  I look forward to touching lives and being an inspiration to many.  I look forward to this journey.  
BOSS on the move...
Shay Atkins


  1. Happy Anniversary BOSS! This is only a piece of what's to come in the future! Being a BOSS Ambassador makes me feel joy and pride in what Cameka Smith has accomplished in such a short time!

    Jeneice Nathaniel
    BOSS Ambassador

  2. I want to thank all the BOSS ladies for making it possible. It is because of your love and support that we have achieved and will continue to grow.

  3. Congratulations Shay!! I was at the conference and witnessed you take the top prize. Can't wait for your expansion to hit the DC Metro area. All the best