Monday, September 20, 2010

I Do by BOSS Member Melissa Dixon

When people ask me what The BOSS Network is, I instantly feel an electric surge. The following words come to mind: Energy. Power. Strength. Business. Determination. Will. Education. Support. I’ve been a member since June 2010, and from the first day, I was sold. I threw my hands up … and they stayed there.

It may not have the same effect on others, but you do get out of something what you put into it. I’m a strong supporter of ventures that uplift, promote and educate people.

Similar to marriage, when you enter a relationship, or in this case, a network, you sign a contract with yourself that says, “I do commit to becoming the me I was meant to be. And I do want the same for you. You and I will work together, here.”

Being proactive, making connections with incredible women, I’ve already reaped irreplaceable rewards. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the work I’ve gained through this network. For one, I’ve been recently named the PR agent for fellow BOSS lady Shivawn Mitchell’s L.o.v.e. Magazine. It was within this network we met, formed a working relationship and established a friendship.

Sound appealing? I’m just getting started!

This morning, as I drove to work, BOSS lady Gabbie McGee’s music was blessing me through my speakers. BOSS lady LaKesha Womack’s book was confirming my relationship opinions from my front seat. My laptop, also on the front seat, was processing information to and from Shivawn about agendas and bookings, and it contained important requests from BOSS founder Cameka D. Smith and BOSS ladies Jamie Fleming and Charisma K. Adams. My BlackBerry was buzzing with feedback from some edited work and future possibilities with BOSS lady Yolonda Spinks, and confirmations of connections were popping up.

All of this before 8 a.m. All of this before my “real job” began for the day.

Get involved. Say “I do.” Support your sisters. Promote your business. And fasten your seatbelt: Prepare for a thrill ride.


  1. We are excited to have Melissa on our team she is such a great supporter and will go the mile to spread the word about The BOSS Network. She is a talented dancer and publicist and we thank her for all she does.

    The BOSS