Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm A Believer by BOSS Member Kimberly Clark

I'm a avid believer in networking and feel it’s essential in business, I've been involved in many networking groups on every level as a member & leader, however The BOSS Network is like no other.  My participation & involvement with the group for less than under a year, I have made so many wonderful connections on a professional & personally level.  It's like these women have been part of my network for years.  Simply unbelievable that the connections were made so quickly and the support you receive is undeniable genuine. It has often been said that women have the most difficult time connecting, in this case that is far from the truth.  When you completely open yourself-up to positive possibilities than the blessings will flow in.  However you must be in it for the right reasons & not for selfish reasons. Committed not to your own success, but others success as well.  Its good Karma vibrations. 

 Earlier this year I took a step back from some networking groups to focus more time within my company & clients.  I honestly don't even remember how I came across The BOSS Network, but found myself in a supportive group of women who I connect with on a daily basis whether by phone, text, social networking, chat, email; we're in daily communications.  I truly believe in The BOSS Network and have committed myself to the group 110%, even though I took a step back from other groups it was an angel sent for me to be part of The BOSS Network.  Cameka Smith the founder is... what can I say about this beautiful, empowered dedicated individual who soul mission is to support others who are looking to make a mark in life. Cameka is that angel; sent to not only have me as a member of the group, but saw my passion for life & business and ask me to come on as a Los Angeles Ambassador.  Of course my answer was "I would be honored".  The universe definitely speaks to you in many ways & I certainly had to chuckle when the opportunity presented itself, seeing that I had just step down from other networking groups for what I thought were professional reasons.  I feel at home with The BOSS Network and I'm solely committed to it's mission: BOSS® “Bringing Out Successful Sisters ” to build relationships and networks to structure a foundation where women feel supported in their holistic lives.

 As a entrepreneur of an event planning & lifestyle co. it comes natural for me to be amongst people in general. I love what I do and believe in not only my future, but also keeping in mind that I may be able to assist, guide and mentor someone who is striving to be where I am now.  I contribute to the success of my business on a daily basis and not only am I a empowered, passionate entrepreneur, I am a BOSS and not just any BOSS a Blackcard carrying BOSS member.  Success is not about money it's about commitment and determination to live your "GREATEST" life with no regrets and I'm doing just that. Living everyday like its’ a FABULOUS Party while growing with the best network around. 

I hope to see some of you at the upcoming BOSS Network Inspired by Influencer's Tour Los Angeles in March "2011".  Please feel free to connect with me on the network or follow me on twitter @weplanevents and @drezrehersal.

 Golden Nugget of Advice: If you want "GREATNESS" you must surround yourself with "GREATNESS" become a BOSS  Blackcard Member. Tell them a BOSS sent ya!

Kimberly Clark, CSEP
Wedding & Event Producer
drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co.
the BOSS Network Los Angeles Ambassador

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  1. Kimberly,

    is one of our most dedicated members and she is a great example of what sisterhood really is. She is definitely a BOSS and is willing to share her talents, time and resources to the network.

    If you ever need event planning assistance Kimberly is the person to go to.

    The BOSS