Monday, October 4, 2010

The BOSS Network by Tisa Silver

Hello BOSS Ladies, 

My name is Tisa L. Silver and I am a proud member of The BOSS Network. 

Like many of my fellow BOSS ladies, I have a multifaceted career. I am an educator, an author, a speaker and a non-profit leader. In each role, one of my goals is to connect with people beyond the niceties. The BOSS Network is one of my central “hubs” for connecting. Some connections result in new relationships, others result in new business opportunities. Either way, it’s all good.

I joined the BOSS Network after connecting with a couple of positive ladies, LaKesha Womack and Tachelle Daniels, on Twitter. I saw tweets with the “#BOSS” hashtag and wondered, “What’s that all about?”

From there, I visited The BOSS Network and quickly set up my profile. I am glad to report, my experience has been nothing but positive ever since. Twitter remained my primary method of staying in touch with the BOSS ladies until the Inspired by Influencers Tour was announced. The tour’s first stop… Washington, DC!  

I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the BOSS Business Brunch. I was finally able to meet our Founder, Cameka Smith along with several BOSS ladies I had become acquainted with online through the network. When it was time for me to speak, I felt right at home. Even though many of us were technically strangers, it felt as if we had known each other for years. The brunch was fabulous, so much so I will have to write about it in another post!

My experience at the brunch simply confirmed my decision to become a BLACKARD member.

The BLACKCARD membership has its perks, and from a business perspective, I have yet to take advantage of any of them! I will in the near future, but my primary reason for becoming a BLACKCARD was not to sell books or to book gigs. Those perks are all welcome, but my motivation was to support our Founder’s vision.

Undoubtedly, Cameka had to invest a substantial amount of her resources (time, effort and money) to start something as special as The BOSS Network. She would not have done so if she did not believe it would succeed. I, too, believe in The BOSS Network, but it takes more than belief to achieve success—it takes action. As members, we must actively invest our resources in order to keep The BOSS Network going and growing. 

My investment in The BOSS Network has more than exceeded my expectations. As the Inspired by Influencers Tour continues to move across the nation, I encourage you to take the time to explore The BOSS Network and experience the empowerment for yourself. 

Tisa L. Silver
Author of The Time Value of Life: Why Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Twitter: @TisaSilver

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  1. We are so humbled to have a member like Tisa Silver. She is such a genuine spirit and professional woman. When we had the pleasure of hearing her speak at the brunch it solidified why she is a BOSS.

    The BOSS