Friday, November 26, 2010

BOSS Member Spotlight: Danielle Wideman

“Success is a journey, not a destination” 

Almost a year ago, I made the decision to join The BOSS Network. While in my first year as an entrepreneur, I was still in the process of adjusting to the networking world.  I did not understand how powerful networking can be until I branched out and became of member of The BOSS Network. For me, I have always cherished sisterhood and did not believe the stereotype that “women cannot get along.” So, BOSS reinforced my belief of sisterhood and brought together women who all have one purpose of coming together to help one another. 

Let me take a step back and introduce myself, I am a 26 year old publisher from the wonderful city of Chicago. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Goddess Magazine, I was able to create an urban lifestyle teen magazine for young women. With the help from my staff of high school, college, and contributor writers, Goddess Magazine is the premier online and print magazine that allows teens to share their life stories in hopes of offering advice and encouragement to other young women. The mission of Goddess has carried over from the pages of the magazine into workshops, youth groups, and meetings with teen girls. During these sessions, I am able to talk with the young women about the issues that are real to them and give them a platform to share, network, and meet other young women who understands them. 

So, now you may ask how has The BOSS Network helped me?

The BOSS Network is the type of connection that is important for me as an entrepreneur. This road of owning a business is new for me and there isn’t a road map or precise directions I can follow to help reach my goals. Once I became a more active member and after meeting Cameka Smith, I knew this organization was for me. Cameka has been an inspiration and motivator for me. She reinforced my motto: Success is a journey, not a destination.  So, as I titled my blog, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” I realized I cannot achieve success alone; it takes supporters who believe in your dream and your passion.  The support I received from the ladies of BOSS is tremendous. So, I encourage you to take the first step and sign up for the network and start your path to sisterhood and support because it takes teamwork to make the dreamwork!


  1. I love this blog. Danielle embodies what a BOSS is and she is paying it forward to other young women. I value her as a ambassador and glad to call her a friend.

    The BOSS

  2. Great write up Hun and love the title.

  3. This is great i love the way you have embraced your passion and now you are running with it. I love you with all my heart i am proud to not only be your cousin but you friend as well. God is truly smiling down on you.