Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BOSS Member Spotlight: Why I Joined BOSS by Dawn Danielle


I initially joined the BOSS network as another avenue to promote my services  as a manicurist. I am one of the few manicurists in the city of Chicago who specialize in the new nail trends for professional women.

Once I started reading the profiles I became excited to connect with
wonderful women who are absolute jewels. I have met personal stylists, PR strategists, magazine owners and a host of other talented women. I know the power of networking. It is beyond collecting a bunch of business cards or trying to get people interested in your goods and services.

Networking is about building relationships, adding value to someone else. If
I need a graphic designer, I'm logging on to the BOSS network first. If I
need a marketing czar, I'm skimming through my friends list before I ask
someone outside the network for help.

I became a Black card member because I provide premium services. I am a
luxury brand, providing luxury services and I cater to the manicuring needs
of powerful and influential women. I know the BOSS network will take me to
the next level as a Black card member. Being a Black card member adds value
to my brand, my services and my growth. I am proud to be a BOSS!

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