Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BOSS Spotlight Member: Felicia York

Felicia York is a freelance make-up artist based in New York City. A true child of the city, she is heavily influenced by many facets of urban life.  From the graffiti tagger to the uptown girl, she is determined to make sure each has a place in DLB Cosmetics.

Felicia has an extensive background in administration on the corporate
level. Leaving it behind for the pursuit of her love for beauty and glamour,
she says, “I had a thought. Every woman is beautiful. I feel like it is my
calling in life to find it, make her see it, appreciate it and enhance it.”

Through her make-up artistry, that is exactly what she has done. As the
Beauty Editor for MANIK Magazine, fashion and lifestyle publication for the
plus-sized fashionista, she has built ties with the very community she calls
her own. Her other work includes but is not limited to mention in Honey
Magazine, The Envie Beauty Report , countless photo shoots, fashion shows
and celebrity clientele. A woman of many talents, Felicia is also a writer
and poet. “Before I was a make-up artist, I was a writer,” she says. “In
fact, I’m grateful for my literary roots. It forced me to imagine a world of
my own creation that was completely in my own mind and I was forced to
express to other people and have them see it too through my words. That is
the same approach I apply to all facets of my life. My art is the truest
expression of that principle.”

If the past is any indication of what is to be expected in the future, it is
imperative that all eyes remain on Ms. York. For she is a dynamic individual
and it is for certain that great things are to come.

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