Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bringing Out Succeful Sisters: Influencers Event Re-Cap by Jamie Fleming

You might be thinking “What does Bringing Out Successful Sisters mean?” [Answer: That's The BOSS Network's acronymn] or ‘What the heck does The BOSS Network have to do with Feel Good Fridays?’ or Well, let me tell you how.

I attended the “Inspired By Influencers” event this past Wednesday. It was a very inspirational and motivational event, and it was great to be in the presence of so many fabulous, successful and friendly women.
Each of the Influencers honored answered the question, “What makes you a BOSS?” Several of the answers pertained to being supportive of others (particularly women) and just helping another sister along the way. I was very impressed by the fact that these highly successful, renowned women felt it was important to reach back and pull another sister up with her. And really, that’s what The BOSS Network is: Brining Out Successful Sisters. That is Cameka’s (the founder) vision for the brand and business, and I think it’s being accomplished.

At the event, I never felt like the women there were judging me or sizing me up; they were all really friendly and wanted to get to know everyone in attendance. And ya’ll know we women have a bad reputation about when we get together, but it was nothing like that– and that was so refreshing! There were just professional, classy, beautiful women coming together to be inspired, motivated, network a little and have some fun.

So, I think the lesson here is simple: Let’s support each other. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tell another sister all your “secrets of success.” But if she wants to know how you became successful in your field, don’t be afraid to share that info with her. Although I’m not a huge writer or anything, women come to me with questions about what I do, and I don’t hesitate to help in any way I can. Yeah, she may want to be a freelance writer too, which could ultimately mean competition, but I don’t really see it that way. To me, there’s enough space for each and every one of us; I don’t think me helping her is diminishing what I do. Basically, the point I’m trying to make is this: Be encouraging, be supportive, and don’t be afraid to share information, resources, etc.

Let’s be there for each other, and help each other out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The BOSS Network Sponsor Highlight: The Look Agency



The Look Agency Inc. is an Atlanta-based boutique agency representing hairstylists, make-up artists, and wardrobe stylists. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve in the Southeast region, we recognize the need for experienced local talent to specifically target projects shot, produced and filmed in the market.

Our agency represents a diverse group of image makers from emerging artists to the most established in their field.  Our artists’ professional approach makes them ideal for all levels of promotional work including, red carpet premieres, press junkets, personal appearances, performances, film, TV, music and editorial.


For More Information Contact:
Shaunette Young
Twitter @MsYoungRealtor

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Zina Age


Zina Age, a native of New Orleans is the President/ CEO /Founder of Aniz, Inc. a 501(c)(3)non-profit community-based agency established in the state of Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi to provide comprehensive health and awareness education and prevention services for disadvantaged minority youth, young adults and families, and to provide skills training for organizations that implement disease prevention and health promotion programs.

Between 1994-1996, Zina Age, a graduate student of Clark Atlanta University School of Social Work, was fulfilling her internship at Outreach, Inc. a community-based HIV/AIDS service agency located in Southwest Atlanta. Her major duties were to administer psychosocial assessments and to conduct family support groups with clients on a regular basis, not realizing that her heart was concerning the children of these clients.
During this period, Zina began to observe the children playing in the corner of the room while their parents were involved in-group. Unrecognized by the agency, the children were totally ignored for their unmet needs and therefore were unable to learn about HIV and it's at risk factors as some of them were infected themselves.

In 1996, Zina Age was offered a full-time permanent job at Outreach, Inc. with similar responsibilities as during her internship. Her concern for the children continued to be a major burden until one day she confronted her desire to do something about the needs of these infected/affected children.
Zina began to organize her thoughts and began to put things in perspective. She spoke with the Executive Director of the agency about the idea of implementing the children's program onsite. The idea was to involve the children of clients in structured therapeutic groups rather than having them idle and discontented at this adult serviced agency. This was the beginning of Zina Age's realization with children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.

As a devoted child advocate since 1989, Zina Age has provided direct services to children in a variety of case circumstances such as child abuse, children victimized by violent crimes, HIV infected/affected children, severely emotional disturbed children, children that abuse drugs, and juvenile delinquents, etc. However, the significance of Age's work with children has been through the avenues of working with adult Persons Living with the HIV/AIDS (PLWH).

Since 1987, Zina Age's interest with respect to the field of HIV/AIDS has increasingly grown and her efforts to serve "people living with HIV" (PLWH) are finally paying off.
Since 1998 Aniz, Inc. has grown fruitfully and now has six major components:

  1. WE WANT TO KNOW (We Want To Know)
  2. AFLASH (Adolescent Females Learning About Surviving Healthy)
  3. Grandparents Hands
  4. ROSHA (Reaching Out to Sisters with HIV/AIDS)
  5. SATCH (Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Affected/Infected with HIV)
  6. HHRP (Holistic Harm Reduction Program)
In 2003, Ms. Age established the Aniz Baton Rouge Satellite office in Louisiana. In 2005, during the first six weeks after Katrina, Ms. Age under Aniz, Inc .operated out of the River Center working under the Louisiana State Office of Emergency Preparedness, through a contract with Baton Rouge General Hospital, to provide services to those impacted by the hurricane. As a member of the Emergency Preparedness team, Aniz, Inc. served as the liaison to coordinate the efforts of local agencies serving HIV sero-positive and opiate addicted individuals. Ms. Age continuously seeks ways to positively impact the lives of people around the world.
Over the past ten years, Zina Age has become a world traveler in which she has visited several cities in the Unites states and abroad including France, Spain, Japan, Jamaica and several African countries. Her collaboration with these sister countries has certainly produced a network of friends with cohorts in these foreign countries.

Born in St. Pedro, California Zina Age is the oldest of three children raised in a military family. Ms. Age attended John Ehert High School, where she was State Champion in 3 events and All-American for 3-years in Track and Field, for which she received 35 scholarships. Ms. Age obtained a Bachelor of Science of Psychology in 1988 at Louisiana State University. From 1986–1988, Ms. Age was on the NCAA National Championship for Track and Field, and also participated in the 1988 United Stated Olympic Trials for Seoul Korea. Received her Masters of Social Work degree in 1996 from Clark/Atlanta University, and a Masters Addiction Counselor (1997) through the National Association of Forensic Counselors.

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Sherie Riley

If ‘maverick’ defines a person who is able to blaze trails, change industry practices and establish new standards of excellence, Sheri Riley is definitely befitting of the title. As the Founder, President and Chief Partnership Strategist of GLUE Inc, Riley has spent the last twelve years establishing the GLUE brand as the premiere agency for creating ‘partnerships that stick’ by utilizing the company’s access, relationships, resources and intellectual capital to develop and implement partnerships for companies and individuals. Riley’s impressive client list has included a host of blue chip businesses, professional athletes, non-profit organizations and celebrities like: BMW, Crown Royal/Diageo, TMobile, The Atlanta Hawks/Atlanta Thrashers, NBA Entertainment, Usher’s New Look Foundation, Alonzo Mourning Charities and many more.

Riley received her start in the entertainment industry over twenty years ago at Trevel
Productions, a management and production company owned by the late, great Gerald
Levert. She then moved on to work in music marketing at LaFace Records where her
innovative approach to marketing and partnerships helped introduce the world to some of
the most influential, multi-platinum artists of the 90’s including TLC, Toni Braxton,
Outkast and Usher. The creative marketing campaigns she developed led to international
exposure for these artists and the sale of over 20 million albums worldwide.

Riley’s expertise and unique abilities continue to be celebrated and recognized with
honors such as the Atlanta Business League’s 2009 Creative Style Award, being named
one of the Top 25 Women in Atlanta in 2007 by Rolling Out Magazine, receiving the
2002 Female Business Owner of the Year Award from the National Association of Black
Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, the 2001 Entertainment-Atlanta USA
Magazine’s Best Female Executive in the Entertainment Industry Award, and being
named an Outstanding State Citizen by the State of Georgia’s Secretary of State. She has
also participated as a guest panelist or keynote speaker at the National Urban League’s
Annual Conference, MOBE - Marketing Opportunities in Black Entertainment events, the
IMPACT Marketing Retreat, the International Music Summit, First Baptist Church of
Richmond, KY and Spelman College in Atlanta.

Riley is a graduate of the University of Louisville in Kentucky where she received her BS
in Business Administration, and has established the Corrine Huguely Scholarship Fund in
honor of her Stepmother (Bonus Mother), which is awarded to students from her
hometown, Richmond, KY who attend her alma mater. She is an member of Delta Sigma
Theta Sorority Inc., and is on the Advisory Board or Board of Directors for several
organizations including the YWCA of Greater Atlanta, The Chauncey Davis Foundation
and the Otis Redding Foundation. When Sheri is not working, she remains busy as the
proud wife of Jovan Riley of Atlanta, GA, mother of budding celebrity Dominique
Danielle, and Bonus Mother of singer Dynasty Riley.

For more information about Sheri Riley or to book her as a panelist, keynote speaker or
host for an upcoming conference or event, please visit or contact
Monica Coleman at

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Dr. Tiffany Brown


Dr. Tiffany Brown is no stranger to hard work and putting forth a strong effort to create success. The native of Atlanta has taken great pride in her education and strives to continue broadening her knowledge and business experience. Graduating with a degree in Political Science from the prestigious Spelman College, a Master's degree in Public Administration from Clark Atlanta and also a Doctorate in Public Policy from Walden University, Dr. Brown earned these achievements through determination and the desire to achieve her goals.

Some of the Achievement Highlights are:
  • Held positions with the United States Government Accountability Office, Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Georgia Law Center for the Homeless, Georgia Conservation Voters, Supreme Court of Georgia, Equifax, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Atlanta Bar Association
  • Former write-in candidate for the Mayor of Atlanta in the 2009 Election
  • A panel presenter at the National Forum of Black Public Administrators in 2003 on "Affirmation Action" and in 2004 on "Faith-Based Initiatives."
  • Penned the 2005 Atlanta Smart Growth Report: A Plan for the Future
  • Took part in panel discussions sponsored by the Southern Political Association in January 2006 about political action committees and Women's involvement for the Future
  • Participated in community services projects such as the IRS Volunteer Program (VICA), Habitat for Humanity, and Hutchinson
  • Presented the Grant Report entitled "Queen Anne's Gate: A Case Study on Mixed Income Housing Development" at the 2003 Georgia Southeastern Conference of Public Administration (SECOPA), the 2004 Southeastern Conference of Public Administration, and the 2004 Pennsylvania American Political Association annual meetings
Dr. Brown's entrepreneurial spirit developed starting in the First Grade with bookmarks sales to fellow students and this would prove to be the initial step in many opportunities she would create for herself in her adult years. She has built four companies and enjoys the challenges they bring every day. 'I work for myself, I make the decisions and at the end of the day the failures and successes are mine. I want to be the Master of my own destiny,' says Brown.
Dr. Tiffany Brown LLC Companies:
  • Your Luminosity, a nonprofit social networking site
  • Brown Vending, snack vending service
  • Ambition Talk Radio Network, an 24 hour internet talk radio station
  • Tiffany Brown LTD, a women's clothing and accessory line
Although trying her best, Tiffany admits to being a below average golfer and absolute sports fanatic. A self described "avid health nut," Dr. Brown encourages everyone to live and think healthy.
Tiffany is also an active member of Cascade United Methodist Church where Rev Marvin Moss is the Senior Pastor and she is an Usher on the Women's Usher Board.
Taking her ideas to the next level, she is now embarking on furthering her own identity and strengthening her brand with prestigious events schedule in 2010 to showcase the many talents of Dr. Tiffany Brown and her ambitious team!

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Charmaine Ward

Charmaine Ward is Director of Community Affairs for Georgia-Pacific responsible for philanthropic programs nationwide, including community partnerships, employee volunteerism programs and the management of grants and charitable contributions. In her role, Charmaine works closely with internal executives, as well as community and civic leaders to develop and support programs and initiatives that are aligned with the business goals and philanthropic strategies of Georgia-Pacific.

IBM, Showtime Networks, Bank of America and John H. Harland all entrusted Charmaine to skillfully manage marketing teams and budgets, successfully lead community relations programs and diversity initiatives, and flawlessly execute product introductions and branding campaigns. She has created tremendous value and served as a corporate leader for these companies during her more than 20 years in corporate America, holding senior level positions in sales, marketing, community affairs and diversity.

Charmaine gives back by serving on various civic and community boards. She is currently the President of the National Black MBA Association, Atlanta Chapter. She serves on the City of Atlanta Board of Ethics, as well as the boards of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Atlanta Chapter; Atlanta Business League; Professional Association of Georgia Educators; Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Partners for Education; Dekalb County Education Fund and West End Medical Center. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and an alumni of Leadership Atlanta.

In addition to holding corporate and civic leadership positions, Charmaine is a noted speaker and trainer for non-profit organizations, entrepreneur/small business organizations and higher education institutions on topics including: leadership, managing change, financial empowerment, developing a life plan, public speaking, networking, customer service, interviewing & resume writing and marketing.

Charmaine has received numerous awards: 2010 Who’s Who In Black Atlanta 30 Powerhouse Women, 2010 Atlanta Business League 100 Most Influential Black Women in Atlanta, 2009 Woman In Philanthropy from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Nu Lambda Omega Chapter.

Charmaine graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics from Clark Atlanta University and earned an MBA with honors from the Executive MBA program at Kennesaw State University.

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!

Monday, October 11, 2010

MEDIA ALERT: Atlanta "Influencers" Event hosted at Door 44


*****MEDIA ALERT*****

Due to a conflict in scheduling on the part of the venue, the BOSS Network’s Atlanta Influencers event is changed from Cosmo Lava Lounge, 45 13th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309-3662 to Door 44 - 44 12th St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, (678) 949-9531.  For more information or for directions, please visit  We look forward to seeing you there, October 13, 2010.

Come meet our BOSS "Influencer" at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here.  Come out and be inspired!

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Shanti Das

SHANTI DAS is an accomplished Music Industry Executive, Marketing Executive, Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Author. She is also the Founder and CEO of, an Atlanta-based marketing consulting and life mentoring firm.

An Atlanta native, Shanti enrolled as a full-time Syracuse student in the fall of 1989. In 1990 she entered Syracuse‟s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, majoring in Television, Radio and Film. That year she also became an on-air disc jockey for the campus radio station, WJPZ. By 1991 she was promoted to WJPZ‟s Assistant Promotions Director, and programmed a specialty Saturday night urban/hip-hop show for the station in „92. Shanti‟s other extra-curricular activities at Syracuse included Orientation Advisor (1990), member of the University 100 Ambassador Program (1991-92), member of the Black Communications Society and staff writer for “The Happenings,” a widely read on campus urban entertainment publication.

A brilliant, no nonsense student, she earned numerous awards, scholarships, and honors before graduating from Syracuse in 1993 with a Bachelor‟s of Science degree. Among the most prestigious were being honored by the Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Fraternity (1990), S.I. Newhouse School Dean‟s List (spring and fall of 1990), winning a Delta Sigma Theta Minority Scholarship (1990), being named a Newhouse Scholar (1991), receiving the Wayne K. Brown Scholarship (1991-93), and the “Our Time has Come” (UB Black Hispanic/Miller) Scholarship (1992-93).

Shanti‟s music industry career began as a Promotions Assistant for Capital Records. Afterwards, she became a summer intern for Sony Music‟s Atlanta division‟s Sales Department. Subsequent to her internship, and only four months after graduating from college, LaFace Records hired her as its National Director of Promotions, where she worked closely with label founders Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Antonio “LA” Reid. Das was instrumental in developing innovative promotional campaigns for Outkast, Goodie Mob, Usher, TLC and Toni Braxton among others.

She also toured with Braxton on her first major U.S. concert tour; TLC‟s smash 1995-96 “CrazySexyCool” tour, and Usher‟s ‟94 and ‟95 promotional tours. In 1996 Shanti was promoted to LaFace‟s marketing department, where she planned and coordinated major marketing campaigns for Outkast, Donell Jones, Goodie Mob and Toni Braxton.

 Twitter: PressResetMe

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!

We Are Inspired By This BOSS: Denise Hendricks

C. Denise Hendricks is an award-winning television producer, writer and journalist. She is currently a Producer for BET’s late night talk show “The Mo’Nique Show.”  From 2004 to 2009, she was an associate producer for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” in Chicago and has worked as a Producer and Executive Producer for CNN, and NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX TV News affiliates.

Over the years, Denise has interviewed, field produced and written segments for several celebrity and newsmaker guests. She co-coordinated dozens of live show performances and appearances for several music artists and played an integral role with “The Oprah Show” team in bringing some of the most pressing issues of our time to television, among them the Virginia Tech Shootings, the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Honors include: 2010 NAACP Image Award - The Mo’Nique Show;  2009-10 Nat’l Assn., of Television and Program Executives/Walter Kaitz Foundation Diversity Fellowship, Poynter Institute Fellowship, Carole Kneeland Journalism Fellowship; Southeast Regional Emmy Winner for Best Newscast - WAGA-TV,  Emmy Nominated Producer: WAGA-TV, WXIA-TV; Top Ten Outstanding Young People of Atlanta Honoree;  member of the National Assn., of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications,  recent advisory board member for Power Girls, Inc., and the Black Women Film Network and member, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Denise is active in the community, mentoring young people and speaking frequently at schools and colleges about careers in media and entertainment. She holds a B.S. in Journalism from Florida A & M University and a M.A. in Christian Education from the Interdenominational Theological Center. 

Come meet this BOSS "Influencer", and our 9 other phenomenal honorees, at The BOSS Network's "Influencers" event on October 13, 2010 in in Atlanta, GA. You can register for the event here. Come out and be inspired!