Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The BOSS Network Presents: “Behind the Business”


The BOSS Network Presents: “Behind the Business”
A Real Look at Women in Leadership Documentary

Chicago, IL - On Monday February 7, 2011, The BOSS Network (Bringing Out Successful Sisters) will launch its first ever documentary series entitled “Behind the Business - A Real Look At Women in Leadership,” scheduled to air online only at

Having committed themselves to changing the way women, as enterprises are viewed amongst the masses, the BOSS Network Founder Cameka Smith was compelled to executively produce a film that highlighted real women leaders.

This powerful documentary, which is directed by Mark Tutson, CEO of 3188 Films, will discuss the negative portrayals of female imagery in today’s media and express the importance of nourishing positive interactions among women in business.  Filmed onsite at seven Chicago based establishments; cameras have captured candid expressions and opinions from female leaders on controversial topics such as, “How do they feel women are portrayed in leadership in the media?” and, “What do you think about the stereotype that women do not support each other in business?”  The documentary also sheds light on “Why it is important to showcase women leaders to our youth”, all the while offering words of encouragement to blossoming entrepreneurs.   

The "Behind the Business" documentary special will also serve as a prelude to the BOSS Networks upcoming addition, the "Project BOSS"; which is a mentorship program established to help teach young girls leadership skills such as public speaking, self-esteem, etiquette, and entrepreneurship through workshops and events.   “Project BOSS” is due to launch in June 2011.

Featured in this film are Shay Atkins- CEO of Creative Turkey, Dartesia Pitts- Attorney at Law, Maya Broussard and Chrishon Lampley- Owners of Three Peas Art Gallery, Siobhan Strong- Co-Owner of Deliciously Vintage, Heather Williams and Deanna Morales- Owners of Glam Luxe, Querida Flores and Ruckiya  Ross- Owners of August Bloom (Haute Floral Design), and Danielle Wideman- Founder/Editor and Chief of Goddess Girl Mag.

About The BOSS Network
The BOSS Network was founded by Cameka D. Smith and is a women professional networking organization dedicated to highlighting, connecting, and empowering women to promote their business while creating opportunities for growth through networking beyond events.  In 2010, named BOSS amongst the Top 100 Websites and one of the 10 Best Career Sites for Women.

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