Monday, February 28, 2011

The Stress-Less Expert- BOSS Member Cheryl Harris

Living a lifestyle that encourages the renewing of you mind, body and well being are the core principles of what our next speaker lives by. As a sought out interactive Health and Well-Being Expert, Cheryl has a passion to inform, enlighten and empower people about incorporating massage and other health and wellness modalities to enhance their overall well-being. 

Cheryl Harris is CEO of C.L. Harris Enterprises and its subsidiary companies: Profound Touch Mobile Spa (Luxury Mobile Spa for elite professionals); Cheryl Mobile Fitness (A Transformation Lifestyle); Chat With Cheryl (Speaker * Interactive Health & Wellness Expert). Her successes in the Health and Well-Being industry and her current businesses Profound Touch Mobile Spa and Cheryl Mobile Fitness has moved her to empower, enlighten and inspire individuals to become more in tuned with living a lifestyle of health and wellness. She conducts monthly massage workshops and Spa Networking Events in order to continue to
bring awareness in the benefits of health and wellness. 

She has been a part of Health and Well-Being industry for over 15 years and is a top graduate of Chicago School of Massage Therapy (Cortiva-2003). Cheryl enjoys integrating social, mental emotional, spiritual and physical health into her lifestyle to promote an overall well being. She doesn’t believe in routines, but in lifestyle adjustments that will add value to lives and assist in preventable diseases. She has a passion for health and wellness, living a well balanced healthy lifestyle and is on a mission to see to it that anyone she encounters has been educated, motivated and inspired to adopt and healthier lifestyle. Her philosophy is – “Health and Wellness should be a lifestyle, not a luxury!

Why I joined The BOSS Network?

I joined because I just LOVE to see and be a part of women that are making it happen and don’t have to apologize for their success. We are doing it which continues to push me to a higher dimension. I’m always “On”. I was once told- “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” Every time I’m networking and there are BOSS Ladies there, I get fired up. The network is inspiring, uplifting, professional and have women that are handling there business (* :*)!

Cheryl Harris-Owner
Profound Touch Mobile Spa

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