Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Urban Marketing Guru and BOSS Teneshia Jackson

Teheshia Jackson
CEO & Founder of Egami Consulting Group 

Teneshia Jackson’s story has been one of perseverance, diligence, and inspiration. Her illustrious career spans over 10 years and ranges from urban marketing, project management and new product launches. Now CEO of her own boutique marketing firm, Egami Consulting Group, she describes her creative and motivational factors as “L-I-F-E bulb” moments where she makes calculated decisions to pursue new career goals. Teneshia’s career started at IBM Global Services where she served as Project Manager for the high yielding Best Buy maintenance account. During her tenure at IBM, the IBM Global Service Best Buy maintenance account billed over 14 million dollars in revenue.
In 2002, Teneshia would also mediate the signing of an additional 4.2 million dollar contract between IBM Global Services and Best Buy. In 2003, Teneshia left corporate America to launch a boutique urban marketing firm, Egami Consulting Group. Among Teneshia’s first clients was Russell Simmons’s Hip Hop Summit Action Network. Teneshia was secured to develop Hip Hop reader, a youth-based literacy and leadership project funded by Verizon Foundation through a partnership between National Urban League and Hip Hop Summit Action Network. Hip Hop Reader’s primary objective was to make reading more appealing to young urban youth ranging from 14 to 18 years old. Egami Consulting Group provided program development and event management services to this educational initiative. The New York City pilot event launch resulted in over 1000 youth attending and celebrity participation included Russell Simmons, Drew Barrymore, Rev. Run, Camron and more. Celebrities participated by sharing with students the importance of reading and their favorite reading picks. The Hip Hop Reader launch proved successful and resulted in over 20 New York City high schools adopting the Verizon Foundation’s Hip Hop Reader program. In 2004, Teneshia worked with Russell Simmon’s Hip Hop Summit Action Network to manage and develop the 2004 “Get Out the Vote” Campaign. Russell Simmons’s Hip Hop Summit Action Network joined forces with PlayStation and Anhueuser-Busch in a nationwide “Get Out the Vote” campaign to raise voter awareness. Egami Consulting Group provided urban marketing, strategic alliances, and event management services for all HSAN 2004 “Get Out the Vote” events. These inspiring events focused on youth empowerment and encouraged youth voter registration. The HSAN 2004 “Get Out the Vote” events resulted in HSAN, along with nationwide and local community alliances registering over 1.8 million voters. The tour traveled into over 50 US markets conducting summits, rallies, parties and town hall meetings. A record-breaking Hip - Hop media stir was caused, the campaign received over 200 Million Media Impressions.
In 2006, Jostens, the leading product provider to US high schools, secured Teneshia’s urban marketing services to develop an urban marketing campaign and foster strategic alliances that would position their brand as relevant to urban consumers. Teneshia worked with Jostens to infuse the power of Hip - Hop into their products, programs, and overall messaging – as a result a new urban graduate line was created and launched in fall of 2007. Among the new urban products included Beyonce’s Class of 2008 House of Dereon graduation ring, Kimora Lee Simmons’ Class of 2008 Baby Phat Hoodie and Russell Simmons’ Class of 2008 Phat Farm hoodie. The products were met with unprecedented demand. Beyonce’s ring was the top selling class ring of Fall 2007 generating over $10 million in sales. In 2008, Teneshia forged a strategic partnership with MS&L Worldwide, a leading global communications firm under the Publicis Groupe umbrella. Collectively Egami Consulting Group and MS&L worldwide have produced award-winning diversity work for Fortune 500 clients such as Hennessy, Heineken, Dasani, KFC, and Procter and Gamble just to name a few. In that same year, Egami Consulting Group was tasked with providing diversity solutions for Procter and Gamble’s TAG Body Spray. Recognizing that for African-American consumers the music industry is at the forefront of fashion and grooming trendsetting, she enlisted Jermaine Dupri to form a strategic partnership with the brand to launch TAG Records. TAG Records launched an 11- market “Survival of the Freshest” tour where contestants competed for a demo deal. She also enlisted the Hip Hop Summit Action Network to bestow 10 $5,000 grants to rap battle winners. The campaign yielded over 200 million media impressions. 2009 ushered in new hope and new opportunities for Egami Consulting Group. Riding the wave of inspiration from the Obama campaign, Teneshia worked with Hennessy brand to create signature Hennessy 44 bottles to commemorate the country’s most historic election. The bottles were signed by the likes of Jamie Foxx, T.I. and Usher to name a few and auctioned off to raise funds for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. She also worked with Heineken on their third annual Red Star Series where she secured A-list talent for the show and judges for their Heineken Independent Achiever Awards. Over the past 10 years, Teneshia’s projects have made a positive impact in the world of entertainment and have proven Hip Hop’s has the ability to “INSPIRE” and “ACTIVATE” urban consumers. She continues to find innovative ways for companies to reach the urban audience through cause marketing and strategic community partnerships. Teneshia Jackson Warner is a powerhouse in her own right.

Teneshia speaks on how she founded Egami Consulting 

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