Friday, July 1, 2011

“10 Words for a Stronger Career” By BOSS Member Nita J

This was shared with me months ago and I constantly refer back to this for a little self motivation when taking care of business. Hope this helps!!

By: Michael DeVellis
Founder and owner of The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine
1. RETHINK: Map out your career, starting with where you are right now. Write out a career plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get anywhere. Also, rethink what’s important about your current role and what you would like to change.

2. REWORK: After step 1, you may need to make a few revisions to your plan. It’s OK to rewrite your career going forward, as long as you have a clear plan of action.

3. REMOVE: What elements of your current job are taking up too much time & effort without providing tangible rewards? Could it be your draining, hour-long commute? An expensive project that is leaving you in the red? Or a new staff member who isn’t cooperating with the team? REMOVE also applies to emotional attachments. If it’s irrelevant, let it GO!

4. REINVENT: Make yourself present. Times are-a-changin, and if you don’t reinvent your business model and how you market yourself, you will be outdated. Keep up with the latest business trends and technology by reinventing yourself and your brand periodically. Warning: It can be dangerous to reinvent yourself too much, so be sure that any strategies you put into place are still always in line with Brand YOU.

5. RESTRUCTURE: Here is where you make fundamental changes that will move your plan forward. You may have to restructure how you spend your time or how you spend your resources. Once you start to change one aspect of your career, there will be a domino effect. You will have to constantly be aware of these changes, and work toward managing them into your career and your plan.

6. REORGANIZE: Clear the clutter!! Clean up your computer’s hard drive. Get rid of those old files from 1827 that you DO NOT need anymore. Take a trip to Ikea & The Container Store and invest in new storage solutions. An organized you is ALWAYS a better you.

7. RELEARN: Stop doing the same things over and over and over. You are not smart enough already. There are always new developments happening in your industry, and in order to keep up, you may have to relearn what you’re currently doing in a new way.

8. REDIRECT: Change your direction or focus. If something comes along that is less than desirable, don’t lose focus. We all have life events that throw us off course at times, but if you map out a plan and redirect, you can always find another way to reach your ultimate goal.

9. RECONNECT: Reestablish contact with valuable people in your network. This doesn’t mean send emails to everyone in your virtual Rolodex begging for a hook-up. But it’s OK to reach out to an old mentor or colleague who you once were close with. Life has a way of keeping us distant at times, but reconnecting every few months is always good for your career growth.

10. RESTART: What are you waiting for?! After going through the previous 9 steps, you should be ready to get going with revamping or refreshing your career. As long as you keep your vision clear, map out and work your plan, and believe in yourself you will be well on your way to a stronger career!


  1. Thank you for sharing I am going to print this out and refer to it too!

  2. This is an awesome article cause I'm in the process of deciding where I would like to go career wise while establishing my side ventures as well