Friday, July 1, 2011

“10 Words for a Stronger Career” By BOSS Member Nita J

This was shared with me months ago and I constantly refer back to this for a little self motivation when taking care of business. Hope this helps!!

By: Michael DeVellis
Founder and owner of The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine
1. RETHINK: Map out your career, starting with where you are right now. Write out a career plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get anywhere. Also, rethink what’s important about your current role and what you would like to change.

2. REWORK: After step 1, you may need to make a few revisions to your plan. It’s OK to rewrite your career going forward, as long as you have a clear plan of action.

3. REMOVE: What elements of your current job are taking up too much time & effort without providing tangible rewards? Could it be your draining, hour-long commute? An expensive project that is leaving you in the red? Or a new staff member who isn’t cooperating with the team? REMOVE also applies to emotional attachments. If it’s irrelevant, let it GO!

4. REINVENT: Make yourself present. Times are-a-changin, and if you don’t reinvent your business model and how you market yourself, you will be outdated. Keep up with the latest business trends and technology by reinventing yourself and your brand periodically. Warning: It can be dangerous to reinvent yourself too much, so be sure that any strategies you put into place are still always in line with Brand YOU.

5. RESTRUCTURE: Here is where you make fundamental changes that will move your plan forward. You may have to restructure how you spend your time or how you spend your resources. Once you start to change one aspect of your career, there will be a domino effect. You will have to constantly be aware of these changes, and work toward managing them into your career and your plan.

6. REORGANIZE: Clear the clutter!! Clean up your computer’s hard drive. Get rid of those old files from 1827 that you DO NOT need anymore. Take a trip to Ikea & The Container Store and invest in new storage solutions. An organized you is ALWAYS a better you.

7. RELEARN: Stop doing the same things over and over and over. You are not smart enough already. There are always new developments happening in your industry, and in order to keep up, you may have to relearn what you’re currently doing in a new way.

8. REDIRECT: Change your direction or focus. If something comes along that is less than desirable, don’t lose focus. We all have life events that throw us off course at times, but if you map out a plan and redirect, you can always find another way to reach your ultimate goal.

9. RECONNECT: Reestablish contact with valuable people in your network. This doesn’t mean send emails to everyone in your virtual Rolodex begging for a hook-up. But it’s OK to reach out to an old mentor or colleague who you once were close with. Life has a way of keeping us distant at times, but reconnecting every few months is always good for your career growth.

10. RESTART: What are you waiting for?! After going through the previous 9 steps, you should be ready to get going with revamping or refreshing your career. As long as you keep your vision clear, map out and work your plan, and believe in yourself you will be well on your way to a stronger career!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Featured Young BOSS: Creative Jewelry by Bridgeja’


Becoming a business owner at 11 years old!? That is exactly what Bridgeja’ Baker (pronounced BridgeJay) did.  She turned an unknown talent into a business by learning how to make jewelry with gemstones, crystals and pearls. The name of her business is Creative Jewelry by Bridgeja’, LLC.  

Here is her story:

I was fortunate enough to have braces installed so I would have a million dollar smile in the future! Wouldn’t you know? Ten days after I had my braces installed, I was eating my mom’s delicious barbeque turkey necks and a wire popped off my braces? My mom called Dr. Brown’s office (the orthodontist that installed the braces) in Metairie, to schedule an appointment, but his office was not open in Metairie. However, Dr. Brown’s Mandeville office was open. I was in so much pain I could not wait until (Dr. Brown’s Metairie office opened a few days later. My mom asked my dad to take me to Dr. Brown’s office in Mandeville.  My dad noticed a bead shop (which was next to Dr. Brown’s office called Diva Beads). My dad asked me if I wanted to look around in the bead shop. I said yes.  I was amazed by the different types of beads, gemstones, crystals, pearls, etc.  The storeowner indicated that I could take beading classes to learn how to make jewelry.  I started taking beading classes in June 2008 (32 beading classes) and the rest is history!!!! The current price range of my jewelry is from $7.00 to $ 250.00. I had my first jewelry show on 11/1/08.   I earned $1,107.00.  It was at that moment I said “mom I want to do this as a real business”. 

I have been given an opportunity to display and sell my jewelry at the Essence Marketplace & Arts Exp0 from 2009-2011. I designed a 3 piece pearl jewelry set for First Lady Michelle Obama and bookmarks for President Obama and their children.  I received a letter from Mrs. Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff acknowledging receipt of her jewelry designs. The letter indicated I may be considered as a jewelry designer for First Lady Michelle Obama!

My future endeavor is to become a pharmacist/owner of a drug store. In addition to having my jewelry sold in major department stores and upscale boutiques.

Each year I will donate a percentage of her earnings to organizations I believe in. I selected the following organizations to donate a total of $800.00 to: Children’s Hospital, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA/SPCA) and Unity of Greater New Orleans.

I would like to encourage other young people, to start preparing for their financial future early.

Be sure to check out the Creative Jewelry by Bridgeja website today!!


Profound Touch Mobile Spa

Sometimes we give too much credit & put too much energy into things that don't add value to our lives. We've allowed our circumstances to overpower us and become a dominant factor in our lives instead of actually speaking over our circumstances.

The mind is a very powerful tool. Your thinking can literally curtail your entire direction in life. Scripture says: "As a man thinketh; so is he". For example, if you think your broke the so be it; if you are always just trying to get by-you got it. Whatever your thoughts are will eventually manifest.  The universe doesn't know if you are "just kidding". It will grab a hold to whatever you have released out of your mouth and your heart. Some have allowed stress to resonate in their spirit and set up residency in a place where there is suppose to be peace. Whether it's your home; your kids; your place of employment and even your family.

Now is the time to "Give Stress A New Address"! Stress is currently trespassing in your space. It wasn't invited. Anything that has set up shop where they were not given a "Special Invitation" is trespassing. If a stranger came to your home and said: "Let Me In" would you just casually open the door; open your heart; or open your mind? No You Wouldn't! Well at least I pray you wouldn't (*:*). You have to give people and things PERMISSION to enter into your space. Stop giving Stress permission to enter into your life. Stop entertaining MESS! These things don't add value to your life. Remember, the enemy (who plays tricks on your mind/stressing you out o_O) deals in subtraction & division. God deals in addition & multiplication!

Break the mental barriers TODAY so that you can produce maximum results in EVERY area of your life. Stop spear heading and co-signing the things that come against your destiny and the things you know you are suppose to have and start producing your own energy!

Here are a few Stress-Less Tips at a glance:

Stress Activators                        Stress De-Activators
> Stressing about stress                    > Meditate
> Worrying                                       > Renew your mind
> Emotional Eating                           > Choose your food wisely
> Sleeplessness                                > Plan your day
> Energy draining friends                  > Separate yourself
> Negative thoughts/language          > Daily Affirmations

There's a difference in thinking you deserve the best in your life and actually believing (by faith) that you are worthy of receiving all that is for YOU! Sometimes we get in the way of our own success because of our thinking. "Give Stress A New Address"! Be Gone-NOW!

In Good Health,
Cheryl Harris
The Stress-Less Expert