Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make Your Business More Productive In 2012

This has been an AMAZING yet CHALLENGING year for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are a media mogul, nonprofit president, entrepreneur, corporate VP or a small business owner.  This was definitely a year of ups and downs. Whether the number of your employees went down, your stocks went up, you opened a second location or simply gained 1,000 Facebook friends. This was a year we ALL had to do some extra work to figure out what we are good at, when we needed to update our files, who we needed to hire or fire and which clients were truly our target market.
One thing that I have found more entrepreneurs and women struggle with is separating their personal and professional lives.  Since I am BOTH, it clearly has been an issue for me. I made a decision a LONG time ago to merge them because separating them is a LOT harder to do and SO MUCH of my life is connected to what I do and also to who I am. I’ve decided for 2012 to make this my practice—because it is when I am most productive.
Most entrepreneurs will eventually realize that running a company never really stops. This is why your personal and professional lives will always conflict with each other. Also, as an entrepreneur, you should be doing something you LOVE, so it is not really work, it is something you just do and happen to get a paycheck (no matter how big or small) from. If you can learn how to peacefully integrate these components into one life—YOURS, you will be able to do a LOT more. Accomplishing this will actually create more time and space to do what you want.
Start by figuring out what your personal and professional priorities are for 2012 and beyond. I have been called the “Conference Queen” and “Event Guru” based on the number of events and conferences I attend each year.  I accept those titles with pride because I am, but the conferences and/or events I attend allow my professional and personal lives to live together in one place.  If I attend a conference for a client, I am there working, but I am also getting the opportunity to travel, network, see friends and make some new business contacts all in one place.

Do you already merge your lives? Do you struggle with the separation of your personal and professional lives? If so, try this out and let me know what you think…I’d love to help you figure out how to do this in your business and personal lives.

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