Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reality TV: to see or not to see… that is the question…

As the infamous popularity of reality television shows increase each season… One can only begin to speculate: how many people do I know, are truly as busy as they allege? 

How often are we too busy to stick to the diet we’ve insisted on working this year, or learning to speak the language that has always intrigued us, or finishing the summer novel we purchased fourth of July weekend, only to look at the calendar and see it’s January…

The answer might perplex you. 

But when considering time [or lack there of] I beg to differ, everyone is NOT as busy as they claim.  Mathematically it’s impossible, given that millions of people tune into these programs each night.

Many people define the 60 minutes lost from their lives, as simply, a guilty pleasure.  It is important to note, when adding the time, in hours, that are lost each week on this activity, it is potential time lost to enrich ones self.

Although the masterminds behind many of these programs highlight aggression towards fellow cast members, this by no means is a ploy to bash any program or cast in particular.  This is a method to raise awareness in effective utilization of moments in life to enhance you mind and spirit with other BOSS inspired goals and activities.

There are many outlets in which women and men can mentor.  There is a great need for our youth to have inspirational role models they can hold closely to them, and many of these programs only ask for a few hours per month.  So if you spend your weekends catching up on reality re-runs, why not get out of the house and change a child’s life.


Soup Kitchens, Nursing Homes, Houses of Worship, are just a few places that are in dire need of help.  Most facilities can use an extra hand, whether it’s serving food for a few hours, reading to children, or playing with animals at a shelter.  They generally appreciate the help on weekends or after work hours, usually while your favorite programs are airing.


With an election year upon us, this is an ideal time to find your local municipalities campaign headquarters and see if they need extra help.  Most places can use assistance to promote their candidates via telephone or door to door.  This is especially important for those passionate about that state of this country and the next 4 years.  Are you a recent college graduate or someone thinking of starting your own business but fearful of the current economy?  Well this is a great way to make an impact, and far better use of a free hour.


This can go without mentioning but the importance of sitting in a comfortable place, in silence, to read and write is essential.  These both can be extremely therapeutic also.  When you’ve had a bad day at work or have had a disagreement with someone close, turning on your television sets to a hostile program will not soothe you mentally.  It’s even worse if these are the last images you are seeing before rest, your sleep pattern and mood the next morning can be negatively affected without knowing.  Reading and Writing in silence are both free and take very little effort.


Take a dance class, try a new recipe, visit you local museum, learn a new language, the possibilities are endless in this category, but far too often we have a hobby that attracts us, yet put it off for lack of time.  I believe I have made my point, however, if you have time to support these programs then you have time to grow creatively.

The notion of The "Bringing Out Successful Sisters" Network is the sheer essence of this wonderful website created for women.  You can network at the click of a button with women from all professions and walks of life.  It is these women that, who despite not being followed with lights and cameras, should be highlighted and praised.  We must SUPPORT them and their efforts to society.

Beatrix Kiddo

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