Friday, April 20, 2012

FORGIVENESS By BOSS Member Yanni Brown

If you find that you are STUCK in RESENTMENT, BROKEN HEARTEDNESS, HURT or PAIN and asking WHY ME? The answer is FORGIVENESS...and WHY NOT YOU?


He chose YOU because there is bigger plan for your life!
FORGIVENESS is NOT for the Other person!
It is for you. So that you can move FORWARD to DO & BE the person that HE is calling you to BE!
Making LOVE Better Begins Within! So LET GO & BE.....
The face of forgiveness dares you to imagine a better you, a better future. Forgiveness challenges you to GIVE UP your negative and destructive thoughts about your situation or circumstance and believe in the POSSIBILITY of what is better for YOU! BUILD a better you, learn the lesson, survive and GROW from it.
If you have ever been on the other side of hurt and pain... The lesson is this...There is someone who has been through or going through what you have experienced and is waiting on your testimony to help them get through it. (WE ALL NEED ONE... ANOTHER TO SURVIVE) While we sometimes get stuck in the WHY ME phase of life we are prolonging a purpose to help someone else....
Step out on Faith and FORGIVE...EVEN IF THE PERSON that you need to FORGIVE IS YOU!
Let Go and Grow!
Your Passion, Your Purpose and Your Possibilities are waiting

Yolanda "Yanni" Brown
Author/Blogger/Relationship Educator


  1. I Love this. So happy to see "Forgiveness" being a topic many are discussing. I myself too suffer from unforgiveness but I AM learning, reading, and praying for that to change. Forgiveness is something we all need to practice in order to move forward in a positive direction.

  2. Amil, you are right. The only person who truly suffers from being unforgiving is YOU. It is a trap and will drain the life out of you. When you forgive you give yourself the freedom to be happy,

  3. Amil & BOSS Yes forgiveness gives you FREEDOM to let go and be happy! I think about all of the people that I know that are holding grudges and the people that they are holding grudges against have completely moved on with their lives. Free up that space and forgive... Thanks for reading and supporting this blog.


  4. Congrats on launching BOSS! I'm so excited for you and keep knocking it outta the park. I see great things in store for you.

    -Pastor Stowers