Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Fantastic Ways To Tell People How Fabulous You Are …Without having To Actually Say a Word By Jenny Garrett

 I recently attended a fantastic women’s networking event, it was an intimate setting where we dined together and shared our achievements and goals. As we moved around the table introducing ourselves, I was a little surprised when one of the attendees introduced herself as follows: ‘I am a brilliant stylist, I know I am, people have told me so.’ 

I thought this was great because as women I don’t think we sing our own praises enough.  There could be many reasons for this, such as:

  •  Messages you were told as a little girl about being good and not standing out
  •  It could be just that you don’t recognise your unique qualities and skills and take them for granted
  •  You think people will know how good you are without you telling them

Your potential: clients, colleagues, suppliers, bosses are unlikely to recognise how good you are without you bringing it to their attention.  However perhaps you’re not quite at the point of being able to speak about yourself in such bold terms as the woman I mentioned above just yet, or perhaps it doesn’t quite fit with your character or feel appropriate.

Here are five fantastic ways to tell people how fabulous you are without having to actually say a word.

1. Utilise Market Research or Feedback
Get an independent market researcher to contact your customers to find out what’s being working and what’s unique about you, you can add this feedback to your marketing material, it will also have the added benefit of reminding your customers about you.

If you are employed, ask for a 360 degree feedback questionnaire, so that your boss, colleagues, customers and suppliers can spend time thinking about their experience of you.  You can then quote what was said about you in your next appraisal or even before.

2. Maximise your exposure through social media
Social media is an awesome way to help everyone recognise your fabulousness, get clients to Tweet to their network about their positive experience with you. You can then retweet their message to your network for double the exposure.

LinkedIn is fantastic for those who are employed to share projects that they’re working on and get endorsements or full-blown testimonials for anyone in the world to see. All you have to do is ask.

3. Elevate your credibility through writing articles
Demonstrate your expertise through writing articles; you could start with your local newspaper, blog, or find out if there are publications that those in your sector regularly read that you could contribute to.  This will give your credibility and you can send copies of articles to potential clients or mention them on your résumé

4. Videos
Always have a video camera with you to capture testimonials, the best time is always now, always ask their permission and let them know how you will use the video. You can also ask colleagues to catch you in action, doing whatever it is that you do best; delivering an important presentation is always a good opportunity.  Post your videos to the Internet for all to see or just selectively email those that you want to influence.

5. Help others to help you
As an entrepreneur you can create a loyalty incentive to reward your clients that refer and recommend you on, or at the very least make it easy for them to do so by providing them with text and the tools to do so.
As an employee, seek out a sponsor or two, someone more senior than your boss who will recommend and stand up for you to others.  Someone who is aware of how good you are, and, who will sell your skills when it counts.

So whether you an entrepreneur or employed or both, you can get people shouting about you with having to say a word. Try it, it really works!

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  1. Delighted that you found them useful

  2. Never gave doing what the lady mentioned did much thought until now. Glad it was done so I can think about my strategy.