Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Four Steps To Being A Great Leader From Chief Brand Officer of "Jamba Juice" Julie Washington

 As Chief Brand Officer of Jamba Juice and President of Talbott Teas, Julie Washington is responsible for the strategic development and management of Jamba’s marketing and the leadership of Jamba’s newest company acquisition. It’s a big job with long hours, but at the root of it all is Washington’s passion and commitment to serve others.

 “In marketing anything can change. The consumer changes, the economics changes, the product offerings change. Change is constant so you have to have a passion for marketing,” she says. “You have to be consumer-centric.”

 Throughout her longstanding career, Washington has climbed the ranks, allowing her intuition to guide her and making sure she learns lessons along the way. Washington shares her advice on becoming a great leader with The BOSS Network:

Find a great mentor

“One thing that would have been helpful is if I had a mentor early in my career. I am a strong believer in mentors. Other people might have been able to helped answer my questions. People who have faith in you and invest in you is something you cannot put enough value on.”

Learn how to respond

“Reacting and responding are two different things. Reacting is more impulsive. Responding is ‘I stopped and thought then I took action’ because there was some reflective moment in the response. Set the stage for the information you are going to give-not just give a reactionary answer to it."

Embrace critisim                                                                                                           
 “You have to be aware of your strengths and your weakness. Be open to the gift of feedback. To be a really good leader, you have to be able to look in the mirror and deal with the reflection you see.”

Discover your passion; discover your career

“What are some things that get you excited? You have to be a good student who is always learning. Be open to being taught from one of the least likely of experiences and conversations. You have to a passion for what you do... Every career  opportunity isn’t one you should pursue; I don’t care how much money they offer you. It has to fit with your purpose and passion.”

Lenora Houseworth is a writer, editor, and social media strategist in the New York City area. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @LenoraTheScribe.

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