Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Feel More Energized At Work By Althea McIntyre

None of us want a career where we are dragging ourselves to work each day, wishing we could just stay in bed and under the covers because we’re bored, exhausted, drained and lack motivation to do our jobs.
When you are not energized by your work, you are not as effective, productive and impactful as you can be.
When we are energized by our work, our careers are more fun and fulfilling. If you want to feel more energized at work, the first place for you to start is to notice your energy throughout the day.
Notice your energy
It’s important to begin to notice your energy levels while at work because it will tell you where your natural gifts and talents are, where you’ll succeed most in your career, and the career success plan that will work best for you.
You need to know the aspects of your job that have you come alive and produce your best work.
Notice which work activities get you excited and you want to work on immediately. Notice the days you jump out of bed because you are looking forward to the projects you’ll be working on that day. Notice the tasks that come easily to you with the least amount of effort, strain and struggle. Notice the assignments that you’re passionate about and you don’t dread spending a large amount of time working on.
You can begin right now by just looking at your calendar or to-do list. You’ll receive instant energy feedback of what you want on and off your plate. The ones you want to stay on your plate are the ones that play to your strengths.
But the real meat is to notice and document your energy level for a consistent period of time. Here’s the information you want to really pay attention to. The tasks, assignments, projects and meetings that:
• You truly enjoy doing.
• You find yourself laughing and having fun while working on.
• You feel empowered by, in service and of purpose.
• You are naturally creative, resourceful and effective in.
• You produce high-level results.
• You consistently receive high praises for.
• You love learning, growing and developing in.
• You experience a sense of joy, peace, contentment and fulfillment.
• They reflect your core values and most authentic self.
There are several habits and behaviors you’ll need to incorporate into your life to increase and manage your energy, but first you need to find out what energizes you in your career.
A career or executive coach can help you through this process, but you can do this on your own with a simple pen and paper and a commitment to notice and track your energy at work for 30 days.
In doing so, you will become more aware of the changes you need to make and where exactly to make the changes so you are more energized and successful in your career.
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