Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Message For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship By Katrina Harrell

Severely undervaluing your time, energy, and physical resources is not a sign of leadership; it is proof of fear. To release that fear, you must be willing to leave Standing in Your Value off the negotiating table of business and life.

Value is not created, it is established.  When black women entrepreneurs enter their markets with low-cost products that may have been created with value in mind, but are marketed with a "low budget" mindset, these products do not create sustainable businesses.  Low revenues from products and services due to poorly created infrastructures send many potentially successful entrepreneurs back to their day jobs, and disjointed from their true callings.  How She got Free aims to re-align women with their purpose, with a 5-Step Escape Plan from the enslavement of trial-and-error based business.

Learn from the mistakes and successes of two women who are building their careers on the idea that black women who run businesses have an obligation to educate themselves on both the business and spiritual sides of entrepreneurship.  Why? Because we are part of a larger community of people who are ambitious, savvy, and inspired, but lack the vital skills to turn inspiration into income and impact.

The goal of income and impact is the energy through which How She Got Free was formed.  Purchase the book, join the movement, and get a step-by-step approach to business and life liberation!


A 5-Step Spiritual Business Manual for women who lead through entrepreneurship 
By Author | Educator Duo – Katrina M. Harrell & Akilah S. Richards

What it is: A Spiritual Business Manual for women who own businesses for more than just the money

How it serves: By walking readers through the process of infusing emotionally sustainable standards, systems, and structures into the planning and execution of their business strategies.

Who it serves: Women entrepreneurs in general, and black women entrepreneurs in particular.  It is for women who want to bridge the gap between their financial success and their emotional wellness.

How it's different: The authors are taking a "Strategy + Soulwork" approach to business that prioritizes intuition and inspiration, but not without the critical components of proven business strategies that facilitate steady progress and built-in tracking systems for entrepreneurs.

What it costs: $9.99 in digital format.  $25.99 for the full color print version.

How do I purchase it: Available online at

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