Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Advice For Delivering Your Message by Ruby Veridiano

Speaking at Fordham University, 2010.

I often get emails from fellow aspiring writers and speakers asking advice on how to get started on the journey to spreading a message. What I love about the people who email me is that they often have a social mission to accomplish, and a thirst for serving communities. First off, that’s dope. Being message driven is a courageous and purposeful mission, and you never know who you will influence.

While I’m no expert and still feel like I’m learning along the path, I’m happy to share some of the steps I’ve taken to build my work. Feel free to take in what you find helpful: 

1.)  Create A Mission Statement.
 Creating a mission statement lays out the blueprint of who you are and what you stand for. Search for mission statements from companies and organizations you admire, and use those as models for your own. When you know the WHY behind your WHAT, everything will fall into place.

2.)  Know Who Your Audience Is, and COMMIT to them.
 The other plus of knowing exactly who you are is the ability to identify the audience your work speaks to. When you know whom you are talking to, you will know how to shape your messaging and create the proper visuals to communicate your idea. Once you know who they are, commit to them by being consistent in your content and delivering something that fulfills their needs.

3.)  Be Purposeful with your Social Media.
 Sure, it’s neat that your boss annoyed you this morning or your cookies crumbled the wrong way at lunch time. But is broadcasting that really contributing to the greater good of the world? Social Media is the New Media. My friend Joy Heriales-Yip calls Facebook the new television- billions of eyes are on it every day.
That being said, if you are building a brand or a personality that has a purpose, make sure that everything you are sharing on Facebook or Twitter is in aligned with your message, or in some way enriching your community.

 4.)  Develop Your Visual Communication.
       Rev Run always says, “dress how you want to be addressed!” That statement not only goes for the clothes you put on, but how you “dress” your image online. Make sure the photos you use, the logos you create, the images you use in social media, and the websites you design reflect your mission statement. This is another tool you can use to serve your audience.

  5.) Build with Allies.
      See who out there shares your mission. Reach out to them, build with them, collaborate with them. Most importantly, support them! If you want to begin speaking to young men, seek out a local organization who serves that group. Approach them and ask if you can collaborate on a program together. From there, things will snowball, and other opportunities will come your way.

 Use social media to communicate and network with thought leaders and influencers in your field. You never know just who your words might reach, and how far your audience can grow. If you start thinking about Social Media as a tool, you can use it effectively to create change.

Hope this helps! Feel free to re-share on FB, Twitter, and wherever else if you found this helpful. If you have other questions, reach me on FACEBOOK or on Twitter @rubymsuniverse

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