Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Network Determines your NetWORTH By Brittany Applegate

The secret of a successful individual can be discovered in the strength of their network. We’ve all heard the saying “Your network measures your net worth”…well, there’s a lot of truth in that phrase. I've learned from reading Catherina Kaputa’s AMAZING book “You Are a Brand!” that four key networks play a significant role is your professional success. 
Check ‘em out:
Network 1- Strategic network:
Your strategic network consists of mentors, sponsors, allies, and connectors. Understand that this is your most important network because these people can determine the success and direction of your career and professional development. These people offer access, connections, advice, and opportunity. These people advocate for your success, help you get through rough patches, and bring you to “the party”. (The party is that one event with the who’s who of your city that you wish you had access to.) Identify this network and build on it. Key people in this network includes (but are not limited to) doctors, financial advisors, hairstylists  bloggers, and tweeters. Why? Because they have ACCESS.
Network 2- Core network:
Catherine Kaputa describes this network as your business associates. These people exist within your company/business. You can strengthen this network by building relationships with colleagues in different departments. Find your way onto the community service committee board, mix and mingle at after-work happy hours, and strike an interesting conversation in the lunch room.
Network 3- Grassroots network:
This network includes the people who were there for you when no one else could be found. These are your close friends and family…your “ride or dies.” You trust these people. They are your backbone; they support you in all that you do. Never take your grassroots for granted.
Network 4- Weak links network:
Let’s face it, there are a lot of people we know of, but don’t actually know. Don’t ignore these people. Weak links are great connectors. Weak links can exist in the circle of friends that you’re not too fond of.  In corporate America, weak links are called “warm leads”.  Strengthen this network by finding a commonality in the weak link and capitalize on it.

Continue to identify your core networks and make them stronger. There is value in a strong network. Never ever forget… your network determines your net worth. For more information about how to strengthen your network, I strongly suggest you purchase the book “You Are A Brand” by Catherine Kaputa.
Leave your comments below and let us know how you will begin evaluating your network. 
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