Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional Style: 10 Hot Tips By Kim Turner

I love sharing my style advice with ladies who are making it happen. Sometimes you are working so hard to heat things up that you forget to cool down and that's not good because you never want to let them see you sweat. So whether it is weather, body changes or you are simply just making sparks fly with your moves, here are 10 tips keep you professionally “cool” while you are hot:  
1. Go Au Naturale: Wear natural fabrics.   Apparel made out of cotton, linen, and even lightweight wools, is breathable and will keep you cooler than most man made fabrics.

2. Keep it Light: Wear lighter colors.  Try a tan or other light color suit.  These colors will keep you cooler than their darker counterparts.  Darker colors absorb the light from the sun.
3. Don't Button Up: Don't put on your suit jacket (or tie, men) until you get to the office; especially if you use public transportation.  You never know how well or if the air conditioning will be working.  So wait until you get to the office to button the top two buttons on your shirt, tighten your tie, and put on your suit jacket.
4. Let Loose: Wear looser clothing.  Avoiding clinging and restrictive clothing under your suit will allow your skin to breath. Try a skirt, skip the pantyhose and go for clean-shaven legs with sling backs or peep toes.  However, keep your shoes fresh and your feet from sticking to them by using no show liner socks, which are found in almost any store from Nordstroms to CVS, and made for a variety of shoe types.
5. Eliminate the Extra: Shave off and/or trim down extra body hair.  Also, clean off the back of the neck by wearing a shorter hair cut in the hot months or for women pulling it off the neck in a professional up-do or ponytail.  Hair traps heat and body odors.
6. Sprinkle on a Little: Use powder. Powders like Shower to Shower® are developed to keep your body feeling dry, fresh and comfortable throughout the day.  Shower to Shower® also claims to provide and invisible wetness protection that will prevent underarm stains and comes in a variety of scents for men and women.
7. Try Layers: Wear undershirts to absorb moisture and prevent sweat from showing up on your shirt, especially under the arms.  (Remember: cotton only and avoid the spandex, tight fitting ones.)
8. Shield It: Wear disposable underarm shields.  When a t-shirt is not enough, try placing underarm shields inside your shirt or suit to catch the sweat.  These disposable items are a great way to eliminate underarm sweat.  You can find Garment Guard disposable underarm shields in the intimate apparel section at Nordstroms or online at www.garmentguard.com.
9. Go Tox It : That means try Botox.  When injected into the armpits or palms of the hands, Botox paralyzes the sweat glands and prevents perspirat
ion for up to 6 months.
10. Drink Up: Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water can help lower and control your body temperature, keeping you cooler.  For that matter, coffee lovers, try iced coffee drinks during those hot days.
Now you have no reason to let heat keep you from looking your "Boss" best!
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